Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello Kitty ♥ Collaborations by Sanrio

High end Fashion Book

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This being a coffee table top book is what sold the deal for me. I like the expensive type of fashion books that are used to entertain guests who are visiting your home. It's definitely a perfect gift that fits well with the more mature adult Hello Kitty lovers. This type of book would fit in nicely into any living room that doesn't have any kawaii theme to the room. Or it can be a perfect addition to any Sanrio theme home or shrine of a themed room.

This hard cover book features the many collaborations that have been done with Hello Kitty. The glossy pages are enriched with vibrant colors that it's hard to resist from putting the book down. 

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kittified Diary: Precious Firsts

Even though I have been collector for more than 5 years, my journey has been more of a slow pace of my own choosing. In the beginning, when I became a full-time Sanrio collector, I bought many things under the influence of wanting a huge collection at my disposal.  As time passed, I began to realize that I was collecting based on my favorite type of things: figurines, stickers, pencil cases, erasers, etc. Some of the items that I have collected over the years became impulse buys because it would mean my collection of pencil cases (as an example) would grow. It was not because I was in love with the design. It was because it was a cute Sanrio character and the type of object that I was currently collecting. I've learned to let go of things that I no longer wanted nor loved. I started to collect with a more defined purpose in collecting things that I will want to cherish forever. 

Jackpot! A Yardsale to Come...
I went through a phase where I went through all my collection and got rid about 10% of my entire collection. Whoo-eee! Yeah, me too, I thought that I would finally get to shrink down the size of my collection. As a full-time collector, you will realize that there is no such thing as a word like "shrink-age" in our collectors' vocabulary. It doesn't even exist in our reality. You will find out that your collection will never shrink down, but will grow and grow until you have realized that you've quickly ran out of space.

In my journey, I realized that there will be times that I will change and grow in different periods of my life and my Sanrio collection will go through the same process to better reflect the style that I am currently into. 

Even with the years of collecting under my belt, I am still a newbie at heart. How can that be when I have such a big collection? For starters, my dear collectors, is that my path as a collector is just starting to take form. Remember, I haven't yet hit the big 10 years of collecting full time. I have always been selective in my choices that helped controlled the size of my collection from expanding to gigantic "overboard" proportions. I'm the type of collector who follows her own rules. I don't follow the trend of what's currently "hot".

If I love it, I collect it.
It's my Collector's vow.

Being picky may be my mightiest weapon in cherishing every moment as a Sanrio Collector. Every step I take, I feel like a toddler just taking my first steps. My collection has always consists of mainly coin banks, dolls, and such - but, never into jewelry. I guess you could say that I was still hiding under a rock and have just taken my first step in venturing out into a new world.

Here's to the world of Precious Firsts...

My first HK Necklace

My first MM Chocolates

My first HK Cakepops