Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of September Purchases

Gallery Update

Over the last few days, I have added several things to my collection. One of them is this cute Classic 1980 Hello Kitty handbag...

Definitely will be using this at a sporting event

Below are two vintage pieces that I am truly proud to add to my collection. These are something that I will always treasure forever.


A Treasure

^  When I got these in the mail, I had to literally stop from shouting with glee. It's so rare to find these kind of dolls and to believe in my short lifetime, I get to own these adorable 1976 Little Twin Stars dolls. Although the dolls have a few minor imperfections, these dolls are very clean all around (surprisingly for its age), making them perfect in my eyes.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello Kitty Message to You

In Japan, there is a new Hello Kitty X-mas series coming out that might have you start thinking about making holiday plans ahead of time. It's not too early to start thinking about getting your loved ones gifts even if Thanksgiving hasn't arrived yet. You'll want to beat the holiday crowd and have stress free days in the next couple of months. Something to think about. Just don't procrastinate before making a decision.

Wishing you warmth this winter, I hope to see you soon!
Your friend always,
Hello Kitty

My *Top Picks* For You:


 You can see all items here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Highlights of September USA

If you haven't noticed lately, Sanrio has been stepping up to the plate on bringing us quality products. Good job, Sanrio. Keep 'em coming.

If you missed out on these (@ Three Apples) items below, here's your chance now:

HK Bowling Ball - $164 USD
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

 Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Bowling Ball $164 USD
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

Hello Kitty x GIRL Skateboard - $54.99 USD
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

Unisex Hello Kitty Shirts
*Is it a Sign?*
Shirts come in blue, black, red, and white
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

^  Good move, Sanrio, in advertising your Unisex shirts by using a male model rather than a female one. Sanrio fans don't often see male models on Sanrio's website because all the clothes are geared toward females. Is this the sign of times changing? Has Sanrio seen the dollar signs to profit, putting out more manly gear to attract the men? Well, I would have told Sanrio long ago, but Sanrio still hasn't listen to me about cleaning up their USA Sanrio stores and replace the merchandise with quality good looking stuff. I'll give Sanrio some credit, I can see some better products, but it's still kind of hard to go in.

Mechanical Pencils
Now, below is something you don't often see me recommending, but these new Sanrio pens are definitely better than the usual ones we see in the USA Sanrio stores.

 I'm shocked. Yes, I really like this design. I want two copies!
 My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

 The designers actually did it right! This is going on my wishlist
 My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥

 Yowza! Look at those color combinations!
Charmmy Kitty Mechanical Pencil
 My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥

This really makes me want to add this to my collection of pens
Miss Bear's Dream Mechanical Pencil
 My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥

Now, these pens are making me think that I need to hit up one of my local Sanrio stores soon...

Another thing that is now available for USA residents:

My Melody *Parasol* 2010 Sticker
**If you haven't taken a chance to glance at my Facebook Page yet, I have a Sanrio lot listing on eBay.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sanrio Addiction Levels

List of Sanrio Addiction Levels

Which level are you?

Level 1 - Wanderer
Sanrio products have been on your mind, but you haven't bought your first official Sanrio purchase. You're just a shopper looking into a Sanrio store, but never quite gone in to browse.

Level 2 - Fan
Plain and simple, you are still a newbie. Occasionally, you have bought a few sanrio items throughout the years, but you are not familiar with any Sanrio character other than Hello Kitty. You think Hello Kitty/Sanrio comes from China. Therefore, you don't know the history of Hello Kitty and you are just an occasional fan. Note: Definition of fan means exactly that - someone who likes a brand or subject. It doesn't make them less of a fan if their actions or opinions differ from another fan.

Level 3 - Gypsy
Next step is your awareness to something magical. You're browsing more on the internet on that particular character and stumbled across a Sanrio community. Your time spent interacting with these Sanrio fans has kept you intrigued. You've just found the sparkle in what will lead to an obsession. You finally have a collection going and started your own sanrio photo album online to share with your friends. The only catch is that you aren't willing to sacrifice some of your daily life habits to hunt for HK or be influenced by your growing interest. Collecting hasn't consumed your life.

Level 4 - Eccentric
Life as you know it has been changed forever. You spend all your free time thinking about your love for Sanrio characters and their products. Your wishlist is never ending. At this stage, you are spending more than you should. You've been known to go over your monthly budget a few times, but your Sanrio enabler has you on a leash. It means you are under control... for now.

Level 5 - Addict
You're finally in the Hello Kitty Zone. No Sanrio enemy can step into your world and slap some sense into you. Your loved ones have given up and instead of giving you lectures, they buy you Sanrio merchandise. Thank you, enablers!  You've managed to get what you want, no matter the obstacles. Aren't you just a spoiled addict? Be careful of the jealous Eccentrics. Envy can make a person irrational in their behavior. Even though you are more dangerous to everyone else, Eccentrics are still your BFFs. They understand your pain and joy, all at the same time. That's why the flip side of hate is love. So beware, addicts.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Avoid Working In a Sanrio Store

When I first began to collect with a more serious passion, I had not considered working in a Sanrio store as my dream job. Though as time progressed, I began to think about it more seriously. When you spend so much time in an online Hello Kitty community, you believe the best place to earn a living is by working for the company that makes your beloved Sanrio products. Well, I'm here to shatter those dreams. Yes, I know, I can be a downer at times, but this is what I live for-- to bring you back to reality and to enable your sanrio addiction. Without me to point out examples to consider, you might just end up eliminating your addiction all by yourself. By the time you finish this blog post and if you agree, you can thank me by leaving a comment below.  ;)

Myth: I adore Sanrio. So, it should be fun to work there

Sorry, addicts, but that is the # 1 place you should avoid if you want to continue on with your obsession with Hello Kitty. Think about it hard, surrounded by Sanrio products 24/7 with no break from staring at Hello Kitty's face for hours and hours

Now, imagine your daily non-Sanrio work day: you come home after spending hours of doing labor work to be greeted by the sight of your adorable Sanrio plushie. Next, you give a big fat sigh of relief because you are finally home. The image of your plushie reminds you that you are in your safe haven from the dangerous world of Sanrio haters. Now, the fun with your sanrio collection can begin. 

What you don't realize is that in a Sanrio-fested working environment, you would have annihilated your reason to look forward to coming home and having fun staring at your collection. No matter how much you think a place is enjoyable, problems will arise and effect your outlook in your love towards Sanrio merchandise.

You do know the lesson to be learned here, right? Being surrounded by something you love (24/7) will eventually turn to hate. Reasons to consider are below:

  • You will get sick and tired of moving Sanrio products from one place to another
  • You will be sick of customers complaining about the products being so expensive
  • You will be sick of the silence when there are no customers, which will lead to outright boredom
  • You will be sick and tired of dealing with irrational and rude customers as well as their nonstop crying spoiled children
  • You will be sick and tired of trying to find ways to entice customers to come into the store
  • You will be sick and tired of planning out ways to bring in more sales
  • You will be sick of quoting the rules on returned merchandise
  • You will be sick of Sanrio fans asking what's it like to work in a Sanrio store
  • You will be sick of working for a nagging boss, when it should be the opposite of you nagging Sanrio 

Considering all above, have I succeeded in crushing your dream job at a Sanrio store? If the answer is yes or a possibility, you can take out your frustration in the comment section below.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrating the New Season - USA style

It's Back to School!

USA Sanrio has created three very cool looking teen shirts: Purple Wink Long Sleeve, Too Cute For You, and Be Good to Your Friends.

Look your best with these shirts

Express Yourself with Cards
Give your friends and loved ones cards to remember with these cute Hello Kitty ones:   Thank You, Music Happy Birthday, Baking Happy Birthday, Biking Good Luck, and Rain Get Well.

Send them with love

And as a reminder, don't forget to send a Love Letter to Sanrio...

More Plushes to Hug!
Hello Friends

My Melody HK 5" Plush and Face Cushion

Keroppi HK 10" Plush and Face Cushion

Pochacco HK 10" Plush and Face Cushion

Tuxedo Sam HK 10" Plush and Face Cushion

And, Sanrio didn't forget the older generation...

Hello Friends Shot Glasses: 50th Anniversary

Monday, September 20, 2010

Checklist on Buying Sanrio Products

With so many many Hello Kitty goodies out there, our wishlist keeps growing and growing. It never seems to end, unless if you're rich and can afford anything. Though most of us are on a budget and can't get everything that we want, so here's a checklist to consider before choosing from your wishlist.

1.     Why do you want it?

If you're on a budget, you cannot choose to buy something that you will come to regret. Like many of you, I have bought things impulsively without any thought to it. All the items on your wishlist should be items that you would never give up later on in life. Meaning, you're buying something that you would cherish for eternity.

2.     Can you afford it?

There are things that are just plain expensive and sometimes, way out of your budget. Now for me, if the item is really worth it, I will find alternative routes by working with the seller. But, you also have to consider if the seller is a good choice to work with. It all comes with a risk when choosing that route. Sometimes, looking at the feedbacks are helpful, but not always. They can always have high positive feedbacks, but there's always a chance that they can break the deal and sell it to a higher bidder.

3.     Is the item in high demand?

Sometimes, it is hard to tell if your desired product will sell out quickly, but you will have to keep these things in mind when prioritizing which to buy first:
A.)  Check with the retailer if there is a low or high amount of supply. With limited editions and with a high consumer demand, it's more likely this item will be sold out quickly.
B.)  Is it rare vintage? For new products, is it the type of product that will be popular? An example of a popular item would be chest drawers and maybe rarely made pencil cases, depending on it's design.

Last Tip:
Remember whatever you choose to buy, it has to be something you want and not because it will have a high value if it becomes rare over the decade. And, I have to emphasis this, because I have seen collectors think certain items are collectible and worth a lot of money, when in fact it has no market value. If there is no high consumer demand for a certain product, then it's worthless. I'm sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but it's a fact. If you ask yourself why you're not getting offers when you put something up for sale, it is because the item is not in high demand with the collectors. One thing that will turn me off as a potential buyer is if a seller claims the item is vintage or collectible. One important thing to note to sanrio sellers: you can claim something is vintage prior to 1999 (when we all know the real definition of vintage means 20 yrs. ago and not 10 yrs). Anything after 2000, you'll just get laughed at. Two: if you claim it's collectible when it's really not, you've just lost a sale.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Japan New Items

News Flash! 

There's one more special item you have to add to your shopping list from the Golden Memories collection series! It's a *must have*, to die for item you cannot miss out on. 

Tell your ISA the link here

New Plushes
Available in Japan, there are two new pretty cute plushes that you might want to add to your collection. I love the Hello Kitty one. I'll wait to see if there is a large version to put on my growing wishlist. For right now, they have three sizes: ss, S, and M.

Small Hello Kitty Plush

Small My Melody Plush

100 Sanrio Characters 1974-2010

List of Sanrio Characters

Here's my list of Sanrio Characters with #1 being the best and all the way to the worst character:

1.     Hello Kitty
2.     Little Twin Stars
3.     Pochacco
4.     Keroppi
5.     My Melody
6.     Tuxedo Sam
7.     Pippo
8.     Pekkle
9.     Chococat
10.   Badtz-Maru
11.   Marshmallowmitainafuwafuwanyanko
12.   Sugarbunnies
13.   Zashikibuta
14.   Miss Bear's Dream
15.   Cinnamoroll
16.   Spottie Dottie
17.   Tenorikuma
18.   Monkichi
19.   Purin
20.   We Are Dinosaurs
21.   The Runabouts
22.   Baby Milo
23.   Kuririn
24.   Robow@n
25.   Robby Rabbit
26.   Deery Lou
27.   Patty & Jimmy
28.   Pokopon's Diary
29.   Peter Davis
30.   Daisy & Coro
31.   Wee Marylou
32.    Pankunchi
33.    Winkypinky
34.    Pandapple
35.    Nya Ni Nyu Nye Nyon
36.    U*sa*ha*na
37.    Small People
38.    Tiny Poem
39.    Peek a Boo
40.    Chibimaru
41.    Chocopanda
42.    Landry
43.    Sweet Coron
44.    Jewelpet
45.    Cheery Chums
46.    Goropikadon
47.    The Strawberry King
48.    Lullaby Lovables
49.    The Vaudeville Duo
50.    Button Nose
51.    Boo Gey Woo
52.    Pinky Bee Chan
53.    Minna No Tabo
54.    Mellotune
55.    Marron Cream
56.    Pannapitta
57.    Mimic Mike
58.    Sugarcream Puff
59.    Mr. Bear's Dream
60.    Puchimerikko
61.    Brownie's Story
62.    Fun Come Alive
63.    Chi Chai Monchan
64.    Heysuke
65.    Umeya Zakkaten
66.    Nezumikozou
67.    Puppy Luv
68.    Spunky Burrow
69.    Nemukko Nyago
70.    Holly's Bear
71.    Pink No Korisu Pinkuruchan
72.    Twee Dee Drops
73.    Captain Willy
74.    Hannarikomachi
75.    Hoshinowaguma
76.    Howdy!
77.    Chewppies
78.    Cherinacherine
79.    Formulixz
80.    Stillsmall Tales
81.    Little Cottonwood Cottage
82.    Toffeeroo
83.    Seven Silly Dwarfs
84.    Tonarino Kappasanchi
85.    Puchipuchi Wanko
86.    Hangyodon
87.    Donjarahoi
88.    Okigaru Friends
89.    Teruteruporon
90.    Pururun Kyupi
91.    Honeyfield
92.    Rururugakuen
93.    Paradiselives
94.    Patapatapeppy
95.    Tetsunagikuma
96.    Friendly Kokkochan
97.    Noranekoland
98.    Dachonosuke
99.    Shinkansen
100.  Dokidoki Yummychums

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Special Focus: Tuxedo Sam

Finally up is my review of selected 50th Anniversary Items

Tuxedo Sam 2010
Gallery Update

I've said before that adding another sanrio character would be way out of my budget, but do I ever listen to my own advice? Nope. If I did, you would see blog posts about items for sale, instead of reviews on Sanrio products that I have recently purchased. 

Years ago, I had no interest in Tuxedo Sam. I thought the characters like Tuxedo Sam, Keroppi, Pochacco, Pippo, Pekkle, and Spottie Dottie would always be around. In my opinion, these characters represented the core of Sanrio, with Hello Kitty as the center of focus. Once they took away these characters listed above and replaced them with new characters, I felt that is when everything started to crumble. I feel like Sanrio went through too many changes. One of them is introducing new characters and then ditching them and their fans. Now, it seems like Sanrio is slowly relearning to appreciate their original characters that made their company so loved. With Tuxedo Sam missing in action, I have taken a second glance at the character and am amazed that I have found another character so adorable to want to collect their products. Finally, I understand the love for Tuxie. Sorry, fans, but I'm giving this special penguin a nickname. Hmm, that gives me an idea! Keroppi= Oppi? Pochacco= Pokie? Suggestions, anyone? Surely, you don't want me to decide by myself and choose horrible nicknames now do we?

50th Anniversary + LTS *Carousel*

Coin Banks 
I admit that I am just plain prejudiced when it comes to Sanrio's coin banks. I just love collecting these type of small statue-like figurines. Whether it's small or big, I adore them. These coin banks are 5 inches tall, making them a perfect fit to display them in an enclosed glass case cabinet. For collectors: The box that comes with the coin banks are very sturdy material, way better than the LTS/MM chest drawers' boxes.
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

 Just plain ADORABLE!

Tuxie Stationery 
I love the blue version Tuxie, but I think Sanrio hit the jackpot when they chose the a pink version to re-introduce the character to the new generation of Sanrio fans. Take a note, Sanrio, bring back Tuxie permanently... along with Pochacco and Keroppi.

Design Critique: the foil-silver background is very pleasing to the eye, making it another obsession on my products like polka dots.
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

 Yes, I adore my double copy  ;0)

 Memo Pad with Sticker!!! Sticker design is awesome.

Little Twin Stars *Carousel* 2010
Gallery Update

While I was on my rehab diet, I missed out on a few adorable things from the Carousel series. That'll teach me from listening to my enabler. Don't they just nag too much?
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥ 3/4

 *Carousel* and *Romantic*

 So pretty!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best Online Stores

Today's blog post is for those Hello Kitty newbies out there wanting to know how to get a hold of Sanrio products online. Let's face it, we're just too lazy to get our kitty bottoms out the door and drive to the nearest Sanrio store. Or in most cases, not within reach in a local area of your neighborhood.

So, to the newbie's out there, this list is for you.

Junolyn's Top 10 Online Hello Kitty Stores

 Sanrio's official online store in Japan. It sells the best kind of Hello Kitty products that sometimes you can't find in any USA stores.

2.     USA's Sanrio Online Store  
Sanrio's official online store in USA. Most times, it might not carry Japan exclusive sanrio products, but it's still the next best thing to get Hello Kitty stuff. Their advantage over Japan is that they have official Sanrio stores in major cities across the states.

3.     Dream Kitty
An independent retailer that sells Hello Kitty products. One thing to note, it only sells HK, no other Sanrio character available here. This online store is one of my favorites to go to if I want some nice Hello Kitty decor. It might be very pricey on certain items, but it's worth it.

4.     JapanLA
Another online independent retailer that I find has extremely adorable Sanrio products. Sometimes they carry exclusive products that you can't find anywhere else. If you're a Los Angeles resident, then this is one actual physical store you can visit.

5.     A Cute Shop
This is a reliable online store that you'll want to visit over and over. It even has it's store on eBay and eCrater if you are interested. Great selection of Hello Kitty products.

6.     H ***** (if you don't know ask me)
Best source for cool looking Hello Kitty clothes and random stuff. Has a lot more choices than other independent retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Torrid, and Forever21

7.     Strapya World
This is one Japan online store you might want to bookmark if you want to find good deals on Hello Kitty items.

8.     Karmaloop
If you want great looking adult style lingerie/PJ's, then this online store is the right place to visit.

9.     Janet Store
Want to find some cheap prices on Hello Kitty? This is the place for you. Mainly, the store sells small things. So, don't expect any big items.
10.    eBay
Best source for vintage items that has retired products that you can't find anywhere else. Without eBay, I would have never grown an addiction to Sanrio.

Monday, September 13, 2010

80's Handbags

Available in the USA, Sanrio's retro 80's designed handbags have a new modern twist to it. The handbags have a much more sportier feel to it. I keep thinking these handbags would make a great accessory when going to a bowling alley. What do you think?

This is my favorite out of all three
  HK 1980 Classic Handbag
My Sanrio Rating: 

Second favorite. Even with my dislike for the black nose, I still love the handbag!
HK 1988 Classic Handbag
My Sanrio Rating: 

A old series from 1983. A very cool looking bag that I wouldn't mind being seen with in public
HK 1983 Handbag
My Sanrio Rating: 

And later in the week, I'll post pictures of my new Japan stuff of Tuxedo Sam and LTS. Lots of goodies coming my way in the mail. Vintage included. Priceless is my word for the day when I think of what I just bought. I'm such a teaser, huh?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back In the Day...

Get It While You Still Can

Japan Sanrio is selling those retro classics that you vintage owners love so much.  Get your copy while supplies last.

For more details, go here

Retro classic watch

Vintage classic Television

^  Lately, it's been nice of Sanrio to reproduce vintage classics for new collectors who have missed out on these great creations. These three pieces are excellent examples of great vintage design that will always be treasured forever. The difference you see in the stores now and the designed products you see above are miles apart. Thank god for e-Bay- right, vintage collectors?

Hello Kitty Safe Book

When I first saw this special made book with a hidden compartment, I knew that I would love to add this to my collection as a decor item for my Kittifying Makeover Project that I am still working on. Though this time, I'll definitely be using it, instead of it being used as a display. So much temptation this month, huh?

You can get yours here