Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Collector Terminology: Collectors

Recently, I have been thinking about what is the meaning of Collectors. It's a broad term, right? For this definition, I wanted to put it in the Collector Terminology that I am slowly creating for my blog. The word, Collector, is the very keynote to this whole site. Let's begin, shall we?

Part #2 of Collector Terminology
Known as gatherer or archivist as well. In a Collector definition version means 

Dictionary result for collector

  1. a person or thing that gathers specified physical objects or a subject matter as a hobby. In other words, someone who collects here and there until it has become quite an impressive collection of display.

What does a Collector mean exactly?

As humans, we collect things like food, money, or other resources to maintain a certain lifestyle. Now with collecting, it doesn't mean we have to depend on certain things physically to survive. We use collecting as a way to distinguish ourselves from each other.

When we collect, we do not choose randomly. We choose a brand, as an example, to express our definition of how we see or believe ourself to be individually. A certain brand or subject is like an identity of representation to the outside world. 

To breakdown the definition, let's start with several characteristics that are associated with the word, Collector.

1.  Passion: We, Collectors, are known to be very devoted to our hobby. For some people, it has surpassed being just a hobby-- it has become a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has consumed the mind and body. We're talking about dedication here. Nothing normal or ordinary are associated with a passionate nature.

2.  Knowledge: You can say we know a lot about the subject at hand. We have studied the brand (or subject matter) so closely over the years that it has become the encyclopedia to us. In basic terms, we know the brand inside and out. We are like a system of network, where we filter out information for people who are on the hunt for specific items to add to their collection.

3.  Curiosity: We are always desiring to learn more about the subject at hand. We are always seeking the information to upcoming releases, collaborations, or events. Even if we work as a unit, we can also be our worst enemies to each other.  As Collectors, there is a sense of competition in the ranks as who can achieve the best collection to display. Some can take things too far and the rest, are just working to grow their collection. Jealous emotions can be a serious thing in communities because it can lead to bullying or popularity fights.

4.  Obsessiveness: We can be in a state of obsession, where all it matters is maintaining a large collection. We set up goals in order to give us a reason to look forward to things in life. To achieve a certain goal that we created in our head-- to assert that the time spent on a collection was worth the stress and attention.

Some Collectors do this for all their lives because they end up loving a brand or subject matter. Then, there are others who invest in their collection to sell it off down the road. There are many times, that it doesn't pan out. Lesson to be learned is that if there is no demand for a particular item-- then there will be no profit gain.

If you are just starting a collection, welcome to the community. Welcome to a journey of an epic experience, if you wish it to be.

Sources - Artsy: Patrick Parrish,  Vice

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