Monday, September 30, 2019

Top 25 Sanrio Characters Ranked

Here is my list of the best ranked characters ever created by Sanrio. 

Starting with their most successful character, Hello Kitty -- the list follows the ranking of these unique characters designed for a very special kawaii world. Sanrio has created a world building story full of these characters to keep us all entertained and fascinated for years to come. 

Have you joined our world of kawaii yet?

1.    Hello Kitty

I wonder if Sanrio had first made another character that wasn't Hello Kitty, would that character be the ultimate popular character of all of Sanrio's history?

No matter the answer -- what can't be defeated is that Hello Kitty is universally liked by so many people. She is the kind of character that can be both cute and cool at the same time.

She's our favorite gal pal!

2.    Little Twin Stars

There really is something special about these set of twins. Maybe it's because they have similar humanized features and they are not an animal to worship. 

Their background history makes the twins even more mysterious and full of fairytales. They're stars in the heavens -- with similar semantics that they appear like angels to us from down below. 

And, who doesn't want fairytales? Royalty, rainbows, fashionistas and unicorns are what we like!

Can you really not see their potential for greatness?

3.    My Melody

There is no denying that My Melody can win as much hearts as Hello Kitty. It's why she has so much long standing power in the kawaii world. It doesn't hurt that she is always dressed up in pink colors as of this era. She's the epitome of kawaii. 

4.    Pompompurin

Purin has risen up in the ranks very quickly and has caught my eye on more than several occasions. What a sneakly little fellow, isn't he? His collection line of series are so darn adorable that I want to grab him up and give him a big hug. 

5.    Cinnamoroll

He was always in the background, flying around and covered in cuteness. You could say that he slowly came into his popularity by perseverance and it doesn't hurt that his tail is shaped like a cinnamon roll snack.  

6.    Pochacco

Pochacco is old-school classics on kawaii. You can never go wrong with that chubby cute face. He may be a pup, but he sure doesn't look like an animal version and that's what special about this Sanrio character. He's a cartoon character that is quite adorable, don't you agree?

7.    Keroppi

He will always be loved for Sanrio's unique kawaii version of a frog. He is in essence of what represents Sanrio to this day. Keroppi is such a beloved character that you can't ever imagine not having him in your life. Every time you step in a Sanrio store, Keroppi will always be waiting to be discovered by new Collectors for all generations to come. 

8.    Badtz-Maru

What can you say about this tough little fellow? Bad ass comes to mind. Someone playful and who breaks the rules all the time. This is what I think of this penguin character. 

His character is pretty popular from what I hear and he is somewhat always upfront and center with the popular Sanrio character lineup.

Do you think snarky fits his character?

9.    Tuxedo Sam

Adorable comes to mind when I think about Tuxie. This penguin is the definition of cute. As one of the many classic characters enriched in Sanrio history, Tuxedo Sam has shown us that he still has power to draw in fans. He sure knows how to make his fans go gaga for his collection series. 

10.  Chococat

Unlike Hello Kitty, Chococat appears to have a more of a cat appearance than his predecessor. It still has the cartoon personality features, but the character stands out from the rest of the other kawaii characters. This character's collection series always reminded me of a sweet play on yellow and brown colors. It really was a cute combination.

11.  Kuromi

I wonder how many mischievous escapades has she been into lately? As the cousin and rival to My Melody, this character is quite popular with most of the punk and goth scenes. Also, I feel that the character gives off a strong pop rock girly vibe. If I had to choose, I'd pick to have Kuromi in my corner to defend me. 

12.  Sugarbunnies

These characters were so very popular that a Japanese anime series was developed. It's darn cute bunnies. Enough said.

13.  Pekkle

The Donald Duck version in a kawaii world, except that he's more of a cool jock or tomboy type. I never noticed this character when I was a child, but now that I'm older -- nostalgia comes into play with this character from my childhood memories. One of the main characters casted on the cute cartoon series when I was a child. 

14.  Pippo

Why do I considered this pig as one of the best characters that Sanrio has ever created?

First of all, look at that round piggy face with the cute snout. Tell me that you can resist that cute character for long? Plus, I have searched through the many Sanrio characters created and majority of them that are not listed here-- are not adorably sweet in appearance.

15.  Hummingmint

As one of the newer characters, this pretty fawn has got to be one of the sweetest creation ever. The pastel play of light colors match with the girly vibe that it's going for and succeeding. It reminds me of young-at-heart in girly tones. So very sweet. 

16.  Marumofubiyori

New generation of cute. What more can be said of this character than it screams of being cute? I see Sanrio has given the character a nickname as I believed not everyone can remember such a long name. When I pass this character, I'll have to cover my eyes from the temptations. 

Ooo, so evil of Sanrio, right-- to make such cute characters!

17. Mewkledreamy

I never imagined all that purple would make me sit up and take notice of this new character. I love it! The color scheme of the new character collection series has me wanting that new plush. It's so hard to resist. Have you seen this new character collection? So very girly and sweet. 

I want everything!

18. Hangyodon

It has come to my attention that this character is Sanrio's hidden treasure. Very cute, but in a unique way. It's different that I'm not used to seeing a fish as a character. It's very appealing, but I have too many characters on my list for collecting. Temptations are a killer.

19. Charmmy Kitty

This pet cat can be often mistaken for Hello Kitty if one is not up to date with Sanrio. As a stand alone character, the series collection is pretty-in-pink. Another girly collection that I have fallen victim to in the past. I bought this very girly yet fancy large handbag that I fell in love at first sight. I didn't care that it was not Hello Kitty. All it mattered that it was going to be mine forever.

20.  Spottie Dottie

This character is considered one of the least popular characters, but I always remembered it as being one of the main characters released in the Sanrio stores of the early 90s. I have never collected her, but it brings up such nostalgia memories of the good old days. 

21. Monkichi

One of the more unique characters that Sanrio has created. It's set apart in colors that aren't in pastels. Another hidden gem for Sanrio on something different.

22.  Marron Cream

This character design has a pretty kawaii old fashion feel to it. The collection series so far stands out from pretty much all the other Sanrio characters. It's very girly, but unique in it's character.

23.  Wish Me Mell

A rabbit created to target young girls. Another character that has a girly vibe. I keep hearing "Easter" in my head when I see this character. 

24.  Bonbonribbon

It's a pink rabbit with bows. Pink works in Sanrio's favor for most of their kawaii characters.

25.  Gudetama

A different kind of cute when I see this character. Can you call it cute? It's certainly not adorably cute. Is this a new wave of different generation of characters for Sanrio?

This concludes the best characters created by Sanrio.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes

At last...

My Sanrio mooncakes have arrived from Singapore!  >.<

As you know, I have been on the hunt for many kawaii art food creations and I have succeeded in the mooncake department. This purchase officially marks my first ever Sanrio mooncakes to show off and be devoured by this Collector (and family - hey, there's just way too many mooncakes in the gift box sets!!).

These character gift boxes comes with four identical mooncakes, but each would have a different flavor inside. 

Not only does the gift box set come with a matching gift bag, the box has a unique kawaii festival themed design that is surprisingly quite detailed for it's kind. 

On parts of the box, the design is intricately embedded in tune with the themed artwork. On closer inspection, the box's artwork isn't overall flat. These boxes are made of a heavyweight cardboard material with metal handles and two compartments inside.

It has a feeling of a well thought out special gift to a Sanrio fan.  

Flavor: 1 Yolk White Lotus

When I decided to get mooncakes for this year, I had 4 Sanrio character selections to choose from: Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, and Gudetama. Of course, I went with Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars. Sorry, My Melody! Until next time.

As of now, I have eaten and shared two of the Hello Kitty mooncakes. Two down and two more to go. They taste really good and I haven't come across one flavor that I disliked. Thankfully, there were no durian flavors as I do not like them at all. 

Flavors: 1 Yolk White Lotus, 2 Yolk White Lotus, Pandan Lotus, and White Lotus

 Flavor: Pandan Lotus 

OFFICIAL: This is my FIRST ever Little Twin Stars art food to be able to purchase and eat!

Next on my list are Pochacco, Keroppi, Tuxedo Sam, and Pippo. One day, I hope to cross them off my bucket list of Sanrio goals.

It is a rare feat for me to be able to accomplish because you rarely see any Little Twin Stars art food creations out there in the market place. Sure, they're all over on Instagram by personal bakers that isn't really open to the public. Or if any, it's unattainable for this Collector to get my grubby hands on them.

Flavors: 1 Yolk White Lotus, 2 Yolk White Lotus, Pandan Lotus, and White Lotus

As I look to the future, I hope to be able to score many more Sanrio character art food creations to add to my journey of experiences. I hope you will continue to follow and share my delight in everything Sanrio.

May all Sanrio Collectors rejoice for this Sanrio era. Arigato!