Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Collector Spotlight: Byzar

I would like to introduce the 2nd Collector on this special feature... 
a My Melody Collector

Spotlight: Byzar
IG: byzarmelody
Country: USA

1.  Which character is your ultimate favorite?
My Melody

2.  List your TOP 5 Sanrio Characters in numerical order.
My Melody
Hello Kitty
Little Twin Stars

3.  Do you collect other Sanrio characters beside your ultimate Fave?

4.  How did you first start collecting? 

I liked My Melody since the third grade. I bought her stationery and wallet with what little money that I had. On my birthday, my best friend gave me a little My Melody treasure chest and that’s when I really started to like My Melody a lot more, but I didn’t have much money as a child to buy her things. It wasn’t until a few years ago, the boyfriend that I was with asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said anything My Melody. So he went to the Sanrio store and bought a ton of My Melody stuff. He started getting me more plushies. At first I didn’t want so many plushies because I didn’t have much room, but then I started to get into it and grew my collection.

5.  Have you ever stopped collecting for a short to long periods of time?

Yes. I’ve struggled between jobs and haven’t had money to collect so that halted during certain periods.

6.  What type of Collector are you?

7.  Would you describe yourself as a Hoarder? If someone called you a hoarder, would you be okay with it or try to defend your collector status? If so, what would you say to them?

No. I’m not a hoarder. I keep all my items clean and put away in a shelf. I sell the My Melody items that I don’t want anymore.

8.  As a collector, do you depend on your social media to display your collection? Do you think that is key to maintaining your obsession?

I used to display on Flickr, but some people are very competitive and create a very negative environment on there so I only have my collection for my own viewing now--offline. I sometimes post a few pictures on Instagram.

9.  Ever since you joined the Sanrio Community, has it changed your life? Has being a Collector been beneficial to you? Please give details.

Yes, because My Melody brings me happiness because she is cute and reminds me of my childhood and in a way-- I’m making up for what I couldn’t afford as a child. She does have a special place in my heart and when I see her smile, it makes me temporarily forget my adult problems.

10.  Does any of your collection set you apart from other collectors? Or is yours the same like the rest?

I think my collection is unique because I only collect plushies and I have a lot of vintage dolls. I don’t collect every single My Melody item out there because I’m more interested in quality than quantity.

11.  What type of things do you collect? If everything, then answer: Everything. Or if it’s specific, here’s a list of examples: plushes, dolls, figurines, statues, coin banks, stationery supplies, pens and pencils, erasers, trinkets, pencil cases, cases, purses, clothes, etc

Now, only plushies and formerly pens and bags.

12.  What is your ULTIMATE #1 type that you cannot pass up to get:

No specific type, but a cute and unique My Melody. They are always coming up with new ideas and styles, but I do like when they make a baby version of My Melody.

13.  As collectors, we all have favorite pieces. What is your ULTIMATE favorite piece in your collection? Does it have a story behind it? How did it come about?

My number one favorite piece keeps changing, but I do favor this one My Melody with her hand covering her mouth. I’ve seen her on the web, but couldn’t find a place to buy that version and looked for 5 years online until I spotted it and bought it. I think the long process of finding her made her extra special to me.

14.  Do you have any regrets in spending so much on Sanrio? If you weren’t a Collector, do you think you would be obsessing over something else? If so, what?

No regrets on the money spent. Sometimes, I regret the space they take up. If I didn’t collect Sanrio, I might have gotten into something more dangerous like collecting jewelry and that’s even more expensive!

15.  How many years have you been a collector?
11 years. 

16.  Can you give any advice to new collectors starting out?

Pick a type of item like pens or plushies instead of collecting everything because it’s too much money and space.

17.  How would you describe yourself as a Collector?

I only buy dolls that I believe are unique or special. I don’t buy everything that’s My Melody. There are some plushes that I believe are not made with the same quality or creativity. Once in a while if I see a unique plush that’s expensive, I may justify it and buy it because My Melody is very rare and hard to find again if you miss your chance.

18.  Can you share any experiences that someone insulted or insinuated something negative over your obsession personally to you? 

Not insult, but more like a competition. There was another My Melody collector that I met online who was competing with me and constantly believed that her collection was better than mine because she was hoarding and bought everything in sight instead of focusing on quality.
How do you deal with it?  I stopped talking to her and stopped posting my stuff on that site and just kept my collection to myself and for my own enjoyment.

19.  Objectively, can you see yourself still collecting Sanrio when you’re elderly? Full time or casually? 

It’s hard to say. If I were to start a family and be a busy mom, I don’t know if I’d have the time. I wouldn’t want to let go of my collection, but I don’t think I will grow out of it. 

20.  Do you have a storage area for your extra Sanrio merchandise? Is it for a future home or just a storage area?

I put my favorite prized smaller plushes in a glass cabinet with shelves. The larger ones that can’t fit-- I keep in my closet and at another house. I live in a tiny area, so I do want more showcase cabinets when I can move to a future home that is bigger.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kawaii Luggages

A few years ago, I bought a Hello Kitty luggage thinking it will be of great use for the future. Below is a stock photo of the red Loungefly suitcase.

Product Dimensions: 14.5"X 20.75"X 7"

I remembered walking into the Hollywood location and my eyes went straight to this bright red suitcase that had black polka dots. I think I have an attraction to polka dots. For some reason, polka dots give off a fancy feeling that I like so much.

Anyways before I get off track, back to the lovely bright red suitcase. I wasn't planning on buying a suitcase. There was a sign that read $99. I was tempted, but I left the store. The thing about kawaii stuff is that it's hard to get it off your mind once your heart has fallen in love. 

In the end, I returned the next day and purchased the red suitcase on the spot. 

Forward a few years later...
Last year, I bought another luggage, a very pink My Melody luggage with all the updated new TSA lock. And, this year a pretty Little Twin Stars luggage.

Like the HK suitcase, I loved the design on the pink My Melody. Besides being very pink in color, I don't think it's too flashy, right? It's chic and kawaii -- that's all that matters to me. 

When I bought the Little Twin Stars luggage, I knew that I just had to own it. I'm very selective -- all right, very picky -- on design-wise. This LTS designed luggage was something that I could not pass up. It's to be shipped this week from Japan. 

When I ordered the LTS luggage, I knew I could only use it for photo ops, moving occasions, and traveling by car. I knew that I could not check this sweet luggage into the Airport unless I plan to never see it again. 

Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that we have a lot of dishonest people out there. Something cute as this suitcase will most likely get stolen. The best tip is to only bring a cute character luggage as a carry on item. It is the only way to ensure that it will not get stolen since it won't leave your sight.

On the Hunt...
If you read my earlier blog posts, I am still planning for my overseas trip to Japan. It's been delayed to next year. I believed I was safe and that I had a cute carry on suitcase, until I researched the size restrictions.

Only to learn later that the small red Hello Kitty luggage and as well as my pink My Melody luggage don't meet the TSA size restrictions for carry on luggages.

The universal luggage size to bring onboard should be -
21 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches as the "perfect" size for carry-ons


21 inches (53.54 cm), width of 14 inches (35.56 cm) and depth of 8 inches (20.32 cm)

It would be best to check with your airlines first before selecting any cute luggages. Unfortunately, this means I have to go searching for another small suitcase that will fit my design requirements. 

As for now, I have not yet found one that I love. 

Although, here is one that might pass or fail to fit in the overhead space.

Found two luggages that will meet the requirements for other flyers:

Well, I'm not exactly in a hurry to choose one anytime soon. I have next year to decide on one.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Friend of the Month Campaign

The Friend of the Month Campaign officially started on May 2016, where Sanrio would give out a free pin when purchasing over $30 of their merchandise. Each month, there will be a new character pin to collect. 

The first character to kick off the FOTM campaign was the little black cat, Chococat. From there on, Tuxedo Sam followed-- along with Pippo. Every 1st of the Month is a surprise on whose next. Will it be one of your TOP 5 Faves or a pin to add to your collection as a set? 

May - Chococat
June- Tuxedo Sam
July - Keroppi
August - Pippo
September - TBA
October - TBA
November - TBA

The Friend of the Month will continue onto next year. Who are you looking forward to the most?

When this month started, I did not expect to be surprised and delighted when I found out the character was Pippo. I never imagined that they would promote Pippo so early onto the game. This makes me want more Pippo merchandise asap. How can Sanrio tease us like this?! ;p

I adore Pippo so much. Tuxedo Sam was finally getting his turn in the spotlight and I felt sad that Pippo was being forgotten in the corner. Sanrio, please release some really cute Pippo merchandise. I need to start on some really cute Pippo collection. Don't forget about stickers and character shaped Sticker Albums!

Now, I am ready for next month's character surprise. Anyone wanna place those bets on the lucky character?