BIO: Keroppi


Official Name: Keroppi Hasunoue
Siblings: Pikki (triplet), Koroppi (youngest of triplets), & Kokero
Cousin: Chippi
Birthday: July 10
Debut: 1988

Designer Picture: N/A

Current Designer: TBA, ?th
Past Designers:  ?  

Species: Frog
Languages: N/A
Accessories: N/A
Birth: Donut Pond
Parents: Father, Keroppa (an experienced healer/doctor) and mother, Keroma (owns a restaurant & master chef)
Grandmother: Grandfather, Kerojee & Grandmother, Kerobah
Residence: Lives with his mother and siblings in a Kero Kero House on the edge of Donut pond, the largest & bluest pond around
Sidekick: Snail friend, Den Den
Pals: Keroleen, Ganta, Kyorosuke, Noberun
Pets: N/A 
Character Trait: Bubbly Personality
Games: Baseball and boomerangs
Favorite Foods: rice balls that gives him a boost of energy
Hobbies: playing games especially baseball and boomerangs

Source: Sanrio
Keroppi Hasunoue (はすの上 けろっぴ Hasunoue Keroppi?) (also known as Kerokerokeroppi) is a frog character with large eyes and a V-shaped mouth. Keroppi loves adventure, and his bubbly personality makes him popular around Donut Pond. He has a brother called Koroppi and a sister called Pikki. Most often he is seen with his little snail friend Den Den, always tagging along a little behind. Keroppi is a fantastic swimmer and singer (but not at the same time). Keroppi has appeared in video games, including Kero Kero Keroppi no Bouken NikkiKero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken, and Sanrio World Smash Ball!. Keroppi was created in 1987 and his birthday is July 10. His hometown is Donut Pond and he lives in the Kero Kero House. Some of Keroppi's friends include Keroleen, Noberun, Kyorosuke, Ganta, and Keroppe, Den Den, and Teru Teru. His mom named Keroma owns a small restaurant and cooks Keroppi's favorite food—rice balls. His dad is named Keropa and he works at the Hasunoe Clinic with another doctor from Sanrio's Pokopon's Diary. Other family members include Kerobah, Keroppi's grandma; Kerojee, Keroppi's grandpa; and Chippi, Keroppi's little cousins. "Kero" means "frog's croak" and "Hasunoe" means on a "lily pad".

But did you also know that Keroppi’s favorite food is rice balls? His mother Keroma is a master chef and makes them at the restaurant she runs at Donut Pond. Rice balls give Keroppi a boost of energy! And Keroppi’s father Keroppa is a doctor at Hasunoue Hospital. But don’t worry, Keroppi’s dad is an experienced healer and can help almost anyone back onto the road of recovery!


Pikki (Triplet) - 
Pikki is the only girl of the Hasunoue triplets. A real cutie, Pikki keeps the heads turning in Donut Pond. Pikki loves climbing trees and cooking (she can whip up a mean stack of pancakes with a little help from Keroleen). Pikki is great with names. As the number one baby sitter in town, she knows the names of all the kids born in the Pond.

Koroppi (Brother) - 
Koroppi may not appear to be as lively and bold as his brother Keroppi, but Koroppi is a steady, hardworking achiever. He’s often mistaken for Keroppi, as both look so much alike! Koroppi’s hobby is tinkering with machines. A born singer, Koroppi has the best voice in the family.

Koroppi (Brother) -  Baby brother.




Keroleen (Girlfriend) - 

A natural peace-maker, Keroleen is always there to offer a kind word or wipe up the tears after an argument. Her passion is fashion: an avid collector of new clothes, she’s seldom seen wearing the same outfit twice. Her favorite outfit is a polka-dot dress. A budding chef in training, Keroleen is learning the secrets of Donut Pond cooking from Keroppi’s mother.

Keroppe - 
Keroppe just moved into town from Hyoutan (Gourd) Pond, which is on the other side of the mountain from Donut Pond. Famous for his ability to space out, Keroppe has been known to sit under any available leaf and vegetate for three days straight. His good nature makes him the target of many practical jokes.

Ganta - 
Strongman and leader of the mischievous Ganta-Kyorosuke-Keroppi trio. He may be the strongest frog in the pond (he likes to think so), but the truth is, he’s afraid of the dark and heights! Ganta’s specialty is, wouldn’t you know it, transforming himself into a rock.

Kyorosuke - 
Kyorosuke is wildly curious, and loves all sorts of new things. Blessed with superior eyesight – he can see things over half a mile away – Kyorosuke is often the first to pick up new information. Underwater swimming is his specialty. Kyorosuke makes up one-third of the mischievous Ganta-Kyorosuke-Keroppi trio.

Teruteru - 
Teruteru, the little girl rain charm, has the power to predict the weather! And she is usually right on the money with her forecasts. As a side hobby, Teruteru likes to collect ribbons.

Den Den - 
A laid-back fellow with a weakness for daydreaming, Den Den the snail is a favorite with Keroppi, despite the big gap in their activity levels.

Sources: WikipediaSanrioWikia, Sanrio EU

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