BIO: Pippo


Official Name: Kobutanopippo 
Sibling: N/A
Cousin: N/A
Birthday: December 16
Debut: 1993

Designer Picture - N/A

Current Designer: Unknown, Xth
Past Designers:  ?

Species: Pig
Height/Weight: N/A
Languages: N/A
Accessories: N/A
Birth: Born on an unusually warm winter's day
Residence: Has his own small apartment
Parents: N/A
Grandparents: N/A
Sidekick: BFF - Yumeha, the female squirrel who comes from a large family. She is always wearing the vest that Pippo gave to her as a gift. 
Pals: 3 Robins - Hana, Sawa, and Ken
Pets: N/A
Character Traits: N/A
Favorite Foods: N/A
Hobbies: Thinking of games

  • Loves surprises and inventing thing
  • Always thinking of games and new ways to have fun
  • Favorite time of year is Spring, when he can often be found exploring the lush spacious green scenery of Hyde Park
  • Likes to discover new things and make friends

Source: Sanrio
But did you know that Pippo is not your ordinary pig? In fact, he has his own apartment - though it is a little on the small side.  It’s right across the street from a park, which is perfect for playing with Yumeha, as well as the robins that nest nearby.
Pippo’s best friend and most understanding confidante, Yumeha, is a little girl squirrel who comes from a very large family. She can always be seen wearing the vest that Pippo gave to her as a gift. Yumeha moves at her own pace and like naps, but don’t worry – when the urge to move comes along, she’s a first-rate runner and tree-climber!
Pippo also has three robin pals – Hana, Sawa, and Ken. Hana is a real bundle of energy and is the go-getter of the flock. However, Sawa is a little more shy and quiet but is certainly not one to be overlooked. And Ken… well, he wants to be the coolest bird on the block, but he’s always being outdone by the girls! 





More info will be added along the way... 
Sources: Wikipedia, Sanrio

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