Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello Kitty Crochet Book Review

by Mei Li Lee

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Just Adorable
I don't knit or crochet. I don't plan to do either any time soon. I bought this hardcover book for one reason and one reason only...

It is just plain too cute for words!

As a Sanrio collector, this book fits all the requirements to add to my Sanrio book collection. Even if you aren't planning to take up crocheting in the near future, this book will come in handy for future generations who will want to give it a try as a fun hobby. 

For myself, as soon as I saw the adorable little creations-- I just knew that I would never get tired of combing through the colorful pictures of the crochet characters (of Sanrio). If you have guests visiting your home, it's another entertaining way to pass up time. Those who are fans of kawaii will want to steal your book away, just for the pictures alone being so adorably cute.

An added bonus is that the book focuses on more than one Sanrio character, not just Hello Kitty as the title of the book suggests only. I keep wondering why the book isn't called "Sanrio Crochet," but then again it might be because it won't sell as much as it would if it was represented as Sanrio. To me, Sanrio has to start somewhere to make their name as a popular brand as their character, Hello Kitty. Why not start with this book?

After finishing flipping through the book, I found that each character had something little extra that represented their story along with the easy to follow instructions on crocheting each character.

My Sanrio Rating:  ♥ 1/2

Below are Pages from the book:

A Keeper!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: Hello Kitty's Check Plaid Series

At last, a red series line!

Check Plaid Design

Recently, Sanrio has come out with a new series line-- all in red color. If what memory serves me, it has been a long time since Sanrio has focused on a red series line (excludes kitchen tools). They've been certainly focused on the color pink for both characters: Hello Kitty and My Melody. While there's nothing wrong with focusing on a pink color theme, a change up of colors to a red theme would bring about some diversity to the character, whether it being My Melody or Hello Kitty. Plus, red is a classic color that both characters have started out with-- a red bow for HK and a red hood for My Melody.

Including myself, there are many fans who have missed a red themed Hello Kitty series (plugin: RED hood My Melody fans too!). So, when Check Plaid design series came along and was released, I was very excited and hoping that several items would catch my eye to add to my collection.

Unfortunately, I have to say that none of the items in the red Check Plaid series caught my interest. 
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥ 3/4

In the 90's, Sanrio would release a series line that had more than 22 items. It would also include a matching series of stickers, pens, erasers, stationery, and desktop products. The whole shebang!

Nowadays, it's a limited regular series that we get from time to time. I have a feeling that if this red series had included stickers, a pencil case, classic stamp set box, ceramic coin bank, and pens to purchase, I'd be first in line to order.


I think I am turned off by this design because I know that the handbags are laminated embossed instead of just fabric feeling of the handbags. When you run your hand over the bags, you will feel the plastic laminated embossed that will protect your bags from staining easily. 

Again, what's with the plastic

Sure, the designers laminated for the benefit of keeping the stains away, but it's not the same if it has a shiny gloss over the product. Compared to a Gucci hangbag, do you see them putting plastic over their leather bags? Would you like carrying around plastic covered purses? For me, it's a definite BIG fat NO!

For me, it's all about FASHION. No plastic needed, thank you very much.

So what if your handbags are stained after using a few months later? It's why we're called shopaholics for a reason. We have an excuse to go buy another gorgeous handbag out there that has caught our eye. It's a repeated cycle. We get something new, it eventually gets old and retired from use, then replaced.

Another thing that is a turn off, the gold outline of Hello Kitty is a bit hard to see from the busy plaid background. Since it's laminated, I'd make a stab of it and guess that the gold outlining of HK is separate from the red plaid handbag, right? Meaning the gold outline is printed on the laminated embossed material. 

Conclusion: Cheap design

Why does this watch look like cheap plastic or a cheap imitation of a real watch?

What happened to the middle portion of Hello Kitty's upper body? Why is it designed like that?