You Know You're a Sanrio Addict if...

Here's my list that describes a Sanrio Addiction

  • - you tweet and blog about your sanrio addiction
  • - you have an online sanrio store
  • - you own a sanrio iPhone case
  • - you transformed your home into a sanrio museum
  • - you own double copies of nearly everything, sometimes even more
  • - you have your own sanrio enabler
  • - you're waiting in 5 or more hours in super long lines for a sanrio event, to meet a  sanrio designer, just to obtain an exclusive sanrio product, etc.
  • - you have tons of unclaimed sanrio stamp cards
  • - you know the street addresses and phone numbers, even e-mail addresses and fax #'s, to several local sanrio stores
  • - you will travel the distances, no matter how far, to visit multiple sanrio stores because each store carries certain things the other store doesn't have
  • - you know which sanrio store is a *must* visit requirement like the one in Hollywood, San Francisco (downtown), New York, Las Vegas, and in Japan --- aka the *Sanrio World Tour*
  • - you cook and eat hello kitty shaped food
  • - you know how to recognize between vintage series and newer series, minus the new retro ones
  • - you know that sanrio only makes 0.5mm mechanical pencils and not 0.7mm ones
  • - you know all the sanrio characters names and how to correctly spell each of them, including all past retired characters
  • - you have all your fave sanrio characters' birthdays marked on your calendar and you celebrate it by shopping for only that character or throwing a party dressed up as that character
  • - you think its normal to dress up in heavy galore sanrio character accessories/costume as your everyday wear
  • - you drive your loved ones crazy with your sanrio addiction to a point that they pretend to not know you in public!
  • - you are thinking of other examples to add to this list
  • - you have already checked out other collectors' collection to see if you're not missing anything
  • - you have a favorite international shopping agent
  • - you're a member of Hello Kitty Junkies and know what HKJ is short for
  • - all your local sanrio store clerks recognize your face every time you visit
  • - you have your sanrio collection's online photo album's URL address memorized and can recite it on the spot
  • - you're recognized by your local community as the sanrio guru to go to 
  • - you've gone on a Sanrio Rehab Diet 
  • - out of all your collection, you own a giant sized sanrio plushie 
  • - you're anxiously waiting for new (fabulously designed) Momoberry plushes to be released 
  • - you've wrote LOVE LETTERS to Sanrio on multiple occasions
  • - you've flauntedly promoted Momoberry more than Sanrio Luxe and at least begged once to Sanrio to bring back Momoberry to Los Angeles, CA (USA) 
  • Named your pet based on a sanrio character 
  • you've gone over your monthly sanrio budget more than a few times - eek!
Have you mastered all of up above listed? If yes, claim your bragging rights now and be featured on an upcoming post with full on Sanrio Addict Interview. In the meantime, the search for the most outrageous #1 Sanrio Addict continues on...

This official list will be updated throughout the year if I have more to add to the list. You can always send me more ideas to add to this list by e-mail or by giving me a shout out.