Thursday, December 28, 2017

Gifts to Myself

Instead of recommending Sanrio gifts to you, I wanted to showcase the items that I have chosen for myself in the last couple of months.

My Christmas gifts are my cherished treasures, even better than previous years.  >.<

Arcadia Boutique Window

Gummies in a Bow Box

Hello Kitty x Sugarfina
Choice: Bow Box
Flavor: Mama's Apple Pie

I had three choices when selecting to purchase Sugarfina's Hello Kitty gummies. I chose the best fancy presentation that would commemorate the experience to the highest level. As a Sanrio collector, I instagrammed the moment when I received the gummies. It was another journey that this Sanrio addict experienced with her very first Hello Kitty shaped gummies. It was a fantastic moment to share with other fellow collectors.

Hello Kitty Snowglobe
Picnic Basket

This special snowglobe is the highlight of all my Christmas gifts to myself. The snowglobe design is what I have been asking Sanrio for years to produce. Finally, a high end product that I can proudly display in my collection. It's one of the many steps of progress that I have been seeing from Sanrio as of late. 

The snowglobe is very intricately detailed that it gives off the special feeling that the designer put some serious creativity and thought when producing this masterpiece. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind rare piece that should be cherished forever. Sanrio has impressed me -- their harshest critic that is a fan of their brand. Great job, big S.

Hello Kitty Anniversary Snowglobe 
Meet the 2 Ribbons Series

When this particular snowglobe was first revealed to the Sanrio community, I was actually astonished that the size was not tiny. I was further surprised at how creatively designed the special piece turned out. My favorite part about the snowglobe are Hello Kitty and Mimmy's outfits displayed on mannequin stands, ready to be used. Almost like a sneak peek version of their closet. The ribbon on the top is actually a very nice detailed finish for this snowglobe. The centerpiece with Hello Kitty and Mimmy standing side by side is another beautiful detail that showcases their sisterhood. This piece is in no doubt another cherished snowglobe that will be remembered for years to come. 

Little Twin Stars Snowglobe
2017 Edition

As you can guess --- introducing my very first Little Twin Stars snowglobe. Mainly, I was attracted to the size of it and then, the design.  It was another masterpeice that I couldn't pass up. It is the kind of snowglobe that explains what is sweetly adorable about Kiki and Lala. They are royalty in the heavens. They are our Angels. They are surrounded in magic and the ultra beauty of the skies. Fluffy white clouds shimmering in the mist, hiding and protecting the secret dynasty of the twins. It makes me want more of their secret world in the heavens. 

My Melody x Steiff
Steiff Collaboration

Lastly, I present my ultimate Christmas gift to myself. This high quality produced plush is another major score for this Sanrio collector. This plush represents of all Christmas gifts that are special. One important factor is that only 1,500 plushes have been produced. Secondly, it's not some random gift that can be achieved easily. Yes, price was expensive, but it meant that sacrifices were made in order for this piece to be obtained. It is another reason why Christmas gifts have special meaning and is not just an ordinary gift. It's a special time in a Collector's life that is meant to be cherished with meaning and love. If a gift does not have any meaning, then how can it be special on one of the most memorable day of the year?

I collect. It's what Collectors do. 


Lyn  :0)

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Barbie Collaboration: Hello Kitty Barbie Doll Review

It is another year and another time for a collaboration with Mattel's Barbie.

Barbie x Hello Kitty
2017 Edition - DWF58

As someone who is more selective with what I add to my collection, this Barbie doll collaboration with Hello Kitty would be the very first one. There has to be something really special about a Barbie collaboration to spark my interest. With past Barbie collaborations with Hello Kitty, it has never really made me sit up and take notice of the doll.

That being said, I have made another addition to my Sanrio collection below...

The first thing you notice about the doll is that her dress has a Hello Kitty image. It looks like a small patch glued on. 

As read on the website of Mattel for this Signature Barbie, the age range are for the adult collector.
The design of the dress isn't exactly fashion forward for the average female adult. It doesn't have the stylish fashionista look. And, Barbie is a fashionista - the very icon of fashion. The design on the dress isn't something what most average women would wear on the streets comfortably without being a little self conscious, if the dress would make her appear a bit childish... for an adult. 

As for the small HK figure, it feels like an after thought. I do not see the connection to the doll. It's like the designer has spent overrall 5 minutes planning the whole package and this is the final result.

It is very disappointing that Mattel did not give the design to a real Hello Kitty fan. Surely, there is one Barbie designer that passionately and genuinely loves Hello Kitty. 

You would think there would be more creativity and thought into designing Barbie's dress or outfit. I can think of two styles that I would have love to see on Barbie.

Instead of as a top, I'd love to see a dress version

Whatever the designer chooses for the style of the Hello Kitty dress or outfit, it is the centerpiece that should draw your attention and keeps that interest for more than a second. 

Or another safe bet would be to dress Barbie in the classic Hello Kitty jumpsuit and striped shirt.

My Sanrio Rating:  ♥ 

Creativity of Incorporating the Character: 2 out of 5 stars
What saved the rating was the beautiful white cover box that came with the doll. The box cover is essentially the main attraction to the whole collaboration. 

The 3D red bow on the box pops out so much that it contrasts nicely with the Hello Kitty outline shaped face. I love that the Hello Kitty face isn't a flat surface. The whole color scheme of just the face as white and being the same color as the box is aesthetically beautiful.

One of the highlights for this doll is Barbie's colored hair in the inner side of her hair, behind her neck. It screams fashionista chic. Then, there are the Hello Kitty accessories. The Hello Kitty handbag. Lovely. What every HK collector owns in real life. 

Lastly, the Hello Kitty wrist watch or bracelet. Very nice touch of homage to the very kitty.

Overrall design, it is a nice addition to my collection. Hello, Barbie!


Hello Kitty® and Barbie® doll are the perfect friendship pairing! Barbie® pays homage to Hello Kitty® with a playful, supercute and fashion-forward look inspired by Hello Kitty's signature red bow. From the tiny bow buttons on her sweater to the embroidered bow details on her skirt, Barbie® celebrates the charm and sweetness of Hello Kitty® and infuses the essences of both beloved icons. Accessories include a Hello Kitty® handbag and figurine.  Doll also comes with doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Learn more here –>
  • Doll Designer: Robert Best
  • Body Type: Model Muse
  • Facial sculpt: Lagerfeld
  • Fashion: Sweater, skirt
  • Fashion Sewn On: No
  • Accessories: Hello Kitty® handbag, figurine
  • Doll Stand: Yes
  • Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 13“ x 4“x 8.5“
  • Retail: $100 USD

SKU #: DWF58

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Obsession In Collector Terminology

Today's keyword is Obsessions. The whole theme to a collector's guide.

Introducing Collector Terminology
Known as obsessed or obsessive as well. In a Collector definition version means 
  1. the state of being obsessed with a physical object, subject, or someone. In other words, the inability to stop loving and thinking about the subject matter at hand. Goals are set for the collection. A state of attachment forms with the object or subject. 

What does obsession mean exactly?

In terms of collecting, obsession can be seen as a negative image where all reasoning and thought processes are halted in favor of the obsessed subject matter. Extreme actions of behavior are considered as unhealthy to the norm. 

As it may seem that way to others, obsession can be taken in a somewhat more alternative form that is acceptable to the community of collectors. There is a new breed of collectors underway. The difference with these collectors is that they know their limits. Those "extreme" behaviors are broken down to small parts where a collection is curated over a period of time. Using a budget is one example to be set apart from those who actually use extreme actions to achieve a goal or object. 

An example of an unhealthy extreme behavior is spending money that the collector cannot afford within his or her means. 
Ergo, a budget is locked into place. Or sacrifices are made by trading a valued item for another.

Loss of control is another example of extreme behavior. 
Setting limits by using time management and having support keeps things objective and in control.

Actively using your common sense in the right manner, obsessions can turn into something good rather than perceived as negative.

Understanding Obsessions
The only people who can truly understand obsessions are the collectors that are currently going through it or have gone through it. There are people who will never understand us. And at the end, it is okay because the one opinion that matters is you.