Saturday, July 20, 2013

Character Ranking Results for 2013

The Results are in !!

The Winner is Hello Kitty for Character Ranking 2013. CONGRATS, HK.

It was a close race between Hello Kitty and My Melody. Hello Kitty has proven again that she is still the Queen of Sanrio. HK's fans have pulled off a successful coup to win this character popularity contest.

Full List

1.  Hello Kitty  (same as last year)
2.  My Melody  (same)
3.  Pompompurin  (5th - rose 2+)
4. Little Twin Stars  (3rd - fell 1-)
5.  Cinnamoroll  (5th - same)
6.  Turfy  (94th - rigged anyone?)
7.  Jewelpet  (6th - fell 1-)
8.  Fukuchan (93th - are you sure this is not rigged??)
9.  Go Chan  (9th - SAME)
10. Kuromi  (8th - fell 2-)
11. Wish me Mell  (12th - rose 1+)
12. Keroppi  (7th - fell 5 spots)
13. Tuxedo Sam (10th - fell 3 spots)
14. Pochacco (13th - fell one spot down)
15. Bonbonribbon

87.  Pippo  (74th - aww! :0x  )

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Love for Sanrio Dolls

Monday, July 8, 2013

June Haul 2013

Another haul, another happy day...

Focus: LTS & My Melody

Here is another big Sanrio Haul that features the usual three suspects: Little Twin Stars, My Melody, and minor guest spot: Hello Kitty.

In this video, you can see that I am progressing nicely in my Kittifying Makeover Project for my future kitchen.  There are a few things in this haul video that I did not show because I felt the "bigger" things would be better left surprised for when I finally do showcase my future Kittified Home.