Friday, October 12, 2018

My Birthday Nails

For this year, I was feeling in the mood to celebrate my birthday with a new set of Hello Kitty theme nails. I wanted to go simple and adding a touch of elegance to the nail design. 

Here is what I call: Cotton Candy Hello Kitty

For this design, I was going for kawaii meets chic. I didn't want to go overboard by adding too much to the nail style. At the end, I just wanted to create something elegant with Hello Kitty.

I wanted the colors to correlate with one another by going the pastel route. I figured that three base colors could work together to make a sweet image.

Overall design--- I really did enjoy getting it done at Marie Nails in Los Angeles. 

My nails were done by Sayka, who did an awesome job of creating such beautiful nail art. The main color base is a very light coral pink. I remembered telling her that it was this particular color that fascinated me. The color at first glance didn't look like pink until she told me that it was based in pink. In order to get that specific pale pink, she would have to mix it to create that tone of color.

In choosing the white stripes with gold colored stones, I felt that it brought an elegance to the nail style. 

In order to keep it simple, I was careful not to add another white stripe style on my right hand. While it may be simple, I noticed that adding stones around Hello Kitty makes the style glamourous. When the light hits the stones, it makes a pretty shimmer. You would just have to see it in person to appreciate the overall design. The stones truly add a beautiful effect to the nail art.

The blue green color really pops out at you. I like the effect of how pretty it turned out with the crystal and gold colored stones. The pastel pink costume on Hello Kitty adds a touch of kawaii, which goes well with the very light coral pink base. 

Every time I walk out of the nail salon, I am extremely happy with my nails. I enjoy making Hello Kitty part of my daily life of celebrations. Such exquisite art on my nails is another way to show my love for Hello Kitty. Whether I go very simplistic or very detailed, one thing that I know is that I will always cherish the many designs created.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Junolyn's Top 10 Hello Kitty Figurines

Figurines have always been a favorite type to collect, especially when it comes to Sanrio. With so many variety of figurines out there, I wanted to highlight the best of the best. There is something magical to see how much creativity is put into each figurine. As Collectors, we're lucky to witness this amazing era.

Below is a list of different types of figurine concepts that has been released to the general public. These are a must-have collectibles to add to your collection. 

Junolyn's TOP 10 Figurines for Hello Kitty

1.   Kittypatra


Like the vintage classic Hello Kitty coin purse pouch, Tokidoki's Kittypatra figurine has become one of the most iconic collectibles in Hello Kitty history. It is the Holy Grail to any Collector's treasures. As a center piece to your Shrine, it will be a showstopper. Your visitors will be mesmerized with astonishment. 

Thank you for sharing this incredible masterpiece with the fandom, Tokidoki and Sanrio.

2.   Robot Kitty SRI Labs

This figurine is definitely one of a kind and very unique. As a gaming device, it sets it apart from the rest of the figurines out there in the world. With the RFID chip embedded inside the device, you are able to partake in the Interactive Gaming Departments. You can earn "points" or "coins" to be able to redeem them for accessories like shown above. 

You can dress your Robot in either black, white, or rose gold wings. There are silver or rose gold shoes for your robot, as well as helmets. There are a lot of fun combinations to play with your Robot, which makes it into the #2 spot on this list.

3.   Swarovski

Who wouldn't love Swarovski? As a high end decorative object, it stands out with crystals. Not just the usual porcelain or ceramic that we usually expect from figurines. This particular figurine has to be one of the most precious collectibles to be coveted. Just transporting it to anywhere would be worrisome to any Collector. It has to be handled with reverence like a crown is to a royal descendant. 

4.   Nao by Lladro

Cr: Macys

Coming into our next spot on our list are figurines crafted from porcelain. These figurines remind me of Precious Moments because they are designed in a way of celebrating a moment in time. Made in Spain, they have become a favorite to collect in the Hello Kitty community. I haven't collected it all, but I can see how each figurine would be treasured forever. 

Love it with care. 

5.   HK Go Around 

Please take a moment to appreciate the beauty here...

I have always thought that I have seen it all, heard it all, and appreciated it all. I was wrong. When these figurines came out, I was shocked. I thought Sanrio and their team of designers couldn't top the last adored collaboration release. I'm glad to be proven wrong. It's surreal to add these amazing treasures to my collection. I really, really, really, REALLY love this Hello Kitty era.

6.   Japan Figurine 2012

It's one of the most fragile Hello Kitty collectible to own. The dress is so very delicate that it can chip off easily if you don't take extreme caution. What can I say about this porcelain figurine? It is just simply beautiful. To me, there is no other word to better describe this figurine. Beautiful.  

7.   HK x Mazinger Z Chogokin

From the manga collaboration through Bandai's Chogokin series, this special figurine is another showstopper. Constructed with metal alloy, the design is an eye pleaser. With the tiny Hello Kitty figure hidden inside, it makes other figurines look tame in comparison. There are times that I want something different and this one meets it.

8.   2014 Japan Figurine

It's the golden strawberry that did it for me.

I have a thing for beautiful gold tone decorative objects. It's not something that I usually get in my Sanrio figurines. I'm fascinated with the color and how it plays beautiful with the darker blue color. I'm so used to seeing a red Hello Kitty. White with blue and a hint of gold tone equals perfection for my aesthetic needs. 

9.   Exclusive JANM by Precious Moments

Hand-painted of porcelain bisque, this unique signature figurine is modeled after a kokeshi doll likeness. It has a limited edition of 1200 pieces made. With the big red bow paired with short black hair, this figurine distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack. A keeper.

10.   HK Orchid Garden Cafe

Cr: Web

One of the first Hello Kitty figurine that was created to promote Singapore's Hello Kitty cafe. Is it the very first HK figurine from a cafe restaurant? Normally, I do not like too many bows on top of Hello Kitty. I don't always like too much clutter on top of her head. The design for this figurine kept it at two, one bow being the larger size of the two. The bow being front and center-- carrying beautiful flowers are a kawaii factor on making it to this list. 

I've reached the end of my list of favorite figurines. I am looking forward to adding even more figurines to my Sanrio collection. Isn't it wonderful?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Former Sanrio Collector Spotlight

I would like to introduce the 3rd Collector on this special feature... 
a former Sanrio Collector

Spotlight: Roxyrocks4life

1.  When did you start to collect Sanrio?
I started collecting in 1990, but it was during a time that I started buying to use (like pens, pencils, etc)

2.  Did you collect any other Sanrio characters other than your fave? If yes, which ones?
Hello Kitty was my #1 favorite. I collected almost every character like Just For Fun Bear, Keroppi, Spottie Dottie, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and Jimmy & Patty.

3.  Did you have an ultimate Fave item that you had cherished and still remember to this day? Do you still currently have it?
A 1976 pencil box that my mom gave to me as a kid. I took it to school and put my pencils in it. It was priceless to me, which I still have.

4.  Did you collect any specific types of Sanrio? Or just everything?

I collected everything. At one time, I had a 1976 toy chest, a rare 1976 bike, phone, and many other random cool items. I just wanted to own everything Sanrio made. Is that even possible?

5.  Can you share any highlights/experiences or memory as a Collector that you went through? Something that made you happy or sad when it came to collecting? 

I remember that I started buying just to own it. An example would be to collect certain themes like the balloon design series, the bear with HK designs, pink colors, red colors, and vintage special items. Then later on, I started to be more picky by buying only mint condition stuff. 

Another thing I remembered are meeting a lot of interesting people from all around the world online: Greece, Australia, Italy, Canada, and all over USA. I learned that we all shared a love for Hello Kitty and Sanrio. I'm happy to see HK grow more popular with more love.

6.  At the time you were collecting, did you join any Sanrio Collector groups? Can you share any experiences that stand out, whether it be good or bad?
I never joined any of the Sanrio groups out there. Back then, social media was not as used much or if at all. I didn't know of other Collectors until I started to sell my collection.

7.  Can you share any experiences that someone insulted or insinuated something negative over your obsession personally to you? 

I have never had a negative experience. I had most of my things stored in closets and I was focused in loving Hello Kitty. I didn't care what others thought about it. I would spend all my paycheck on vintage Hello Kitty, which made me happy.

8.  During your time as a Collector, do you depend on your social media to display your collection? Do you think that helped maintain your interest?

The only social media that I used was on Photobucket. I used it as to record my collection because it would all go in a rubbermaid storage bin. It was a personal page to keep track of the many items that I had collected. I never shared my Photobucket because I didn't know of other Collectors back then. As I sold some items on eBay, I started to see that there was a lot of Sanrio collectors, who adored Hello Kitty and friends.

9.  As a former Sanrio Collector, do you associate hoarders with Collectors? Do you think there is any connection between the two?

No, I don't see hoarding as a collector. Personally for me, I would buy one pencil and it helped the urge of just owning it. Hoarding is more like owning all pencils-- just to have them. Like buying everything. I don't think it's the same when you're collecting and enjoying it. Even stored in bins, the fact is that you can open them up and play with them. Enjoying them. That's the difference.

10.  How many years did you spend collecting Sanrio? Were you collecting full time or were you a casual collector?

When I was young, I could never afford Sanrio. I got a few pieces along the way. I started collecting as an adult once I had money. I collected from 19 years old to 29 years old, full time. But in my 30's till now, selling what I have. Just not collecting. It was more of enjoyment to sell, than to collect.

11.  Would you share your experiences as how it lead up to not collecting as much Sanrio or giving it all up? 

My love for Hello Kitty will always be there, but I know that I cannot own it all. It costs a lot of money to obsess over Hello Kitty and the dream of displaying it. I had to pay my bills and collecting made me unhappy. My biggest fears like dealing with floods, theft, and anything to lose my collection, took precedent over for collecting. I got real and started selling. By doing so, I met a lot of cool people who were collectors like me. I am happy to not be collecting. Hello Kitty craze is more so than years ago. And, it's more expensive now.

12.  Do you have any regrets in spending so much money on Sanrio?

I have no regrets. I still have mad love for Hello Kitty and Sanrio. Most of the stuff that I bought were vintage and not the newer merch

13.  Have you taken up collecting of any new thing after Sanrio? If so, are you still currently collecting?

Not collecting anything at this moment.

14.  Do you still keep tabs on Sanrio news? Are you following any of their social media platforms?

No, I don't keep track of Sanrio. When I stopped collecting, the Sanrio obsession was just starting to get more popular

15.  Can you give any advice to new collectors starting out?
Before collecting, focus on what type that you would like to collect: handbags, stationery, figurines, etc. Decide if you prefer used vintage and if you are okay with flaws like chips or any signs of damage. Or if you prefer, mint condition. My mistake was throwing all the label packagings that came with the stuff.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Chronicles of Momoberry: Momoberry Diaries

I would like to introduce you to Junolyn's Sanrio World.

It's a place that exists in my head and finally, I have started writing it out. I did a little sketching and coloring to go with these stories. On this journey, I am starting with Momoberry.

Who is Momoberry?

In my world, Momoberry is Hello Kitty's Alter Ego. The secret is that Sanrio has been doing trial experiments on their characters, especially Hello Kitty. It's very hush, hush. No one at the Headquarters are allowed to speak of it. If one does, that person vanishes over night. 

It's been said that the only ones with the truth are Hello Kitty's owner, Sanrio, and the Sanrio Stalker Society's President.

When Momoberry first debuted, she was introduced as Hello Kitty's look-alike. A spitting image of Hello Kitty. It was spread around that Momoberry had been randomly found in Hollywood. Sanrio said that Momoberry was older than Hello Kitty and very mature for her kitty age. 

Momoberry's stardom was just starting to take off, but then suddenly--- she disappeared. No one knows what happened to her. There have been many speculations, but nothing concrete until now...

Not long ago, someone has found her diaries hidden away. There had been rumors that Sanrio had scurried them away one night and hidden them all over the world.

Yes, it is I, her #1 Stalker who will reveal her diary entries. Two entries per month. Stay tuned.

Well, here is Part One of the Momoberry Diaries. 

Entry 1: The Photograph

Lately, you've been on my mind. How is the world out there these days? There are moments that I forget what it is like to roam about in the city. To be carefree and wild. Did you know that I would like to party it up nearly every night? I was known as Sanrio's Hollywood Starlet. I was the socialite that made things happened. If things got boring, they sent me in to stir up excitement and revert the attention back to Sanrio. I'd dazzle and charm my fans. I was the life of the party scene.

I miss being the "It" girl. It was an amazing time back then. Everybody got along with each other, despite our differences. The other Sanrio socialites were friendly, but everyone knew the game. Make alliances and keep your enemies closer. We were all in competition with one another, thanks to our owner. It was a yearly battle to see who became Queen or King of Sanrio. Sanrio wanted to see who was more popular and cash out by putting the winner as the Face of Sanrio.

I was the new girl in town and I had high hopes to one day be able to sit up on that throne. To be able to rock out with a crown on top of my head and hear my fans call out: "Long live Queen Momoberry! Long live Queen Momoberry!"

 I wish Sanrio hadn't given up on me so easily. I was only given two years at Sanrio and they decided to pull the plug. I'm still shocked to this day. 

I will leave you for now, but here's a photo of Sanrio and I. When the photo was taken, it was bitter sweet. Now? Not so much.


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My Unrequited Love Poem to Momoberry

A somewhat satire of a love letter to one of my favorite characters, Hello Kitty...

When I think of you, I imagine you in pearls.
Pearls that are so brightly sparkling in your feline essence.
Say what you will, but please do not shy away from me.
I may stalk thee but I will never seek out to harm you.
I've always been passionate and there are times when I gaze 
upon your very sleek Parisian raincoat outfit that I find myself
starry eyed.
No, I am not that kind of crazed stalker that your owner, Sanrio,
whispers to you. I am just your devoted fan.
Sure, it could be misconstrued as stalking when I follow you 
around town.
Life as I know are fulfilled when I own your latest doll release 
and have spent countless hours in line to get your collectible
poster to hang in my shrine room.
Please do not back away as I kowtow here.
My love is forever yours.
Yes, I admit to thee.
I am your #1 Triple S stalker.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Wishlist for the 2nd Hello Kitty Convention

It has finally happened! Wait for it...

No, not Momoberry being released from her caged chamber! Not even close, but hopefully, in the near near VERRRRY soon future (yes, me being very wishful & projecting my thoughts and hopes). What I am speaking about is that the year 2018 has reached the halfway mark. Isn't it almost time to hear about anything specific that has to do with the second Hello Kitty Con? Or even the projected 2019 Hello Kitty cartoon movie?

Soon, it will be the 5 years mark since the last Hello Kitty convention or event. I am praying that Sanrio will announce a date or something to confirm that a convention and/or a movie is being scheduled for next year. 

Hello? Dear Sanrio...
This Sanrio Collector is calling for a message of hope for the holy grail of the bestest ever Hello Kitty Convention. Calling for The Greatest Hello Kitty Convention in history to take place next year. The Holy Grail Era for Hello Kitty fans all around the world is waiting to hear about and rejoice. Hmm, I think you get what I am saying right? Did I go overboard with the description? If I did, sorry about that, but I am one excited and anxious kitty fan!!!

Why is that? It is because I need to plan when I should start saving for the convention as well as any needed travel expenses that I would need to save up. I have to know if the next Convention is going to take place here in the center-of-everything Los Angeles (yes, I'm going to brag about my city) or in the heart of Tokyo, Japan?

Which country is it going to be - that is the most important question for all Hello Kitty Collectors to this date.

It's just 5.5 more months until 2019. The more closer that it comes to 2019, the more that I imagine what it would be like and what I'd like to see take place in the Convention.

Here is my Wishlist:

  1. Please sell Hello Kitty balloons, from fancy to cute types of balloons. I've seen fancy balloons with character shape smaller balloons inside a main big balloon. 
  2. Please sell Hello Kitty face flower bouquets
  3. Please sell more vintage items in their Vintage Shoppe. 
  4. Please have a Retro Shoppe where Collectors can finally be able to own a very unique and modern Hello Kitty phone version from the vintage 1976. Or have a new phone model like the white 1976 to be available to purchase.
  5. Please provide an actual room of a Hello Kitty Cafe where there are waiters/waitresses to service cafe customers (instead of a cafe truck)
  6. Please bring back MOMOBERRY. To bring back Momoberry in this Convention would be so awesome for all us, Hello Kitty fans!
  7. Please have a vintage Momoberry Shoppe where there are past Momoberry plushes available again to purchase
  8. Did I mention how EXTREMELY excited we, Momoberry devotees, would be excited if Momoberry was brought back and especially, re-introduced in the next HK Con? New Momoberry designed plushes that would have Collectors jumping for joy.
  9. Please do a collaboration with another shoe designer company and sell it exclusively to this Convention
  10. Please have a Hello Kitty Chocolate Shoppe with so many variety of Hello Kitty shaped chocolates and candy
  11. Please have a HK Robot event in this Convention with their exclusive games
  12. Please have the HK Circus event with their own exclusive games

As much as I want it to be 2019 right now, I have to plan to save. Also, I need to not get over excited or I won't last til 2019. ;p

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pottery Barn Collaboration with Hello Kitty

This new collaboration has really surprised me, their harshest critic who loves their brand. The decor collection is a refreshing game changer.

Pottery Barn Teen x Hello Kitty
2018 Collection

Lately, I have been eyeing the competition, Disney, because they have seem to be coming out with better stylish Mickey and/or Minnie decor and clothing. Unless it's vintage, my Sanrio purchases have become less and less as most of Sanrio Japan's new releases are mainly cheap plastic desktop items. So, when I saw the collaboration release, I was actually amazed that the decor design was actually cool -- very cool, cool... if you know what I mean. 

This bedroom collection showcases that Hello Kitty can be stylish, too. It's what I have been saying for years that Hello Kitty has the potential to be cool for adults.

It's a great start for a cool Hello Kitty bedroom!

My Sanrio Rating:  ♥ 1/2 

Creativity of Incorporating the Character: 4 out of 5 stars
Overall Design: 3.8
Color Scheme: 5
Adult Coolness Factor: 4.5
Quality: 3.9

It really is all about the design. I always knew that someone can make Hello Kitty decor cool for adults and not be ashamed to show it off. With this collaboration, Hello Kitty has made an official entrance for the adult consumers to be able to own and decorate. This is a great start to all collaborations out there and can open new potential designs that can officially be called cool Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty is usually seen as a character for kids only because all the decor that has been released never reached the cool factor at all. Compared to rival characters, Mickey has already reached the cool factor with Disney adult collectors because most of their decor doesn't make them cringe. Also, it may have to do with quality.

Without quality, you cannot have a great design.

I always believed that plastic makes the overall decor design have a cheap appearance compared to other materials used. I will always prefer ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, stones, fabrics, etc over plastic. If you don't believe me, set up a room full of mostly plastic decor. Then, compare it to a room from those professional decor magazines that don't rely on plastic for their design. But then again, their target base are adult consumers and not kids with no sense of maturity.

The reason that I cannot give this Collection a full 5 stars is because Pottery Barn designers did not reach full potential for Hello Kitty. This collection is refreshing and a game changer because no other decor company, including SANRIO, has officially made cool Hello Kitty decor.

If you design for a bedroom, then everyone knows the eye goes to the center of the room: the bed. The selected decor items are mainly accessorized around the bed. Subtle is great, but that doesn't mean that the bedcovers needs to be overlooked. I can't give a full 5 star rating if I am not 100% impressed.

I feel that the Hello Kitty bedcovers may be the hardest to achieve the cool factor for adults. Maybe with Hello Kitty, she will always have that childish image attached. Or maybe not. It's why I say Hello Kitty has big potential. After this Collection design, I am left desiring to push the envelope. Can you reach maximum creativity with Hello Kitty?

Time will tell. As for me, I will be buying most of this Collection. I have half of what I put on my Wishlist. I still need that bean bag. It's a MUST for this Hello Kitty Collector. Enjoy the collection like I will do in the future.