BIO: Little Twin Stars


Older Sister: Lala
Younger Brother: Kiki
Birthday: December 24
Debut: 1975

Current Designer: Kuniko Uchida, 8th
Past Designers:  ?

Species: Stars
Nicknames: LTS
Height/Weight: N/A
Languages: N/A
Accessories: N/A
Residence: In the clouds
Birth: On Omoiyari Star in the Yume Star-Cloud, on the Star of Compassion
Parents of LTS: Mother-Star and Father-Star. Faces are hidden, but portrayed in design.
Sidekick:  teddy bear friend
Pals: N/A
Pets: Unicorn and swan
Skills: Lala's soups are amazing. Kiki can fly through the sky using the star on his back
Kiki's Personality: Curious and a little cheeky
Lala's Personality: a little timid and can cry easily
Kiki's Hobbies: Star fishing and inventing things
Lala's Hobbies: drawing and writing poems
Favorite Foods: N/A

Source: Sanrio

Kiki and Lala are two twin stars born on Omoiyari Star in the Yume Star-Cloud. They traveled a long way to Earth to learn how to be the best, shiniest stars they can be. Lala is the eldest, loves to draw and write poems, and is a great cook! Kiki is filled with curiosity about everything, which makes him a little cheeky sometimes.

Source: Sanrio EU

Kiki and Lala, the Little Twin Stars, were born on the Star of Compassion. These mystical twins would pass the time wondering about life on Earth, the planet they had heard so many stories about. With permission from Mother-Star and Father-Star they set out for a visit to Earth. Lala’s star wand led them on their journey. Ever since they arrived they have been spreading happiness to everyone they meet.





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Sources: Meet the Designer, Wiki, Sanrio EU

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