BIO: Pochacco


Siblings: N/A
Cousin: N/A
Birthday: February 29
Debut: 1989

Designer Picture: N/A

Current Designer: TBA, ?th
Past Designers:  ?  

Species: Dog
Nicknames: The Yorimichi Dog, The Amazing Super Pup, & Street Dog Extraordiare
Height/Weight: Tall as 4 cups of ice cream & weighs as much as 3 carrots
Languages: N/A
Accessories: N/A
Birth: Uguisu Yokocho (Nightingale Lane in English)
Parents: N/A
Grandmother: N/A
Residence: Lives in Ugulsu Alley just outside of Fuwafuwa Town
Sidekick: BFF mouse, Choppi
Pets: N/A 
Character Trait: Curious, nosy, and clumsy
Favorite Foods: Banana flavored ice cream, carrots, Renge-so (Chinese Milk Vetch), & anything Vegetarian
Hobbies: Going for walks, 3 on 3 Basketball, Soccer (Goalkeeper), Skateboarding, Motorscooting

Source: Sanrio
Pochacco is a curious and clumsy little guy who sometimes sticks his nose where it isn't wanted. He loves going for walks and eating banana ice cream, and lives in Ugulsu Alley just outside of Fuwafuwa Town. He is as tall as four cups of his favorite banana ice cream, and weighs as much as three carrots from the Fuwafuwa Town carrot patch.

Source: Wikia
In the early years of Pochacco's life, he was referred to as "The Yorimichi Dog". Pochacco loves basketball and soccer, but around the mid-90's he took up skateboarding. Although Pochacco walks upright, he still has a hard time and trips often, usually resulting in head injuries and is sometimes seen with an accumulation of bandages. This problem was apparently solved in a recent incarnation of Pochacco, as he is seen with a Motorscooter. Pochacco was born on February 29th, 1989 (a Leap Day which does not exist, the closest being in 1988 or 1992), on Uguisu Yokocho ("Nightingale Lane" in English), and lives in Fuwa Fuwa Town ("'Airy' Town", in English). However, Sanrio often changes character history in order to appeal to local audiences, so he is sometimes said to be born in Brazil and/or living in New York City.




Choppi - 

A small brown mouse and Pochacco's best friend. His favorite hobby is eating cream puffs overflowing with delicious custard. Surprisingly, this doesn't effect his ability to jump way up in the air whenever he feels the urge. This cute little mouse is cheerful, easygoing, and always lots of fun! Always a little flustered, Choppi tends to depend on Pochacco to help him out. His weight is like his size, little, but there's a big place in Pochacco's heart for him! He lives in a house shaped like an apple. He met Pochacco when the pup fell down while skateboarding.

Guri - 

A grey rabbit with a mischievous side, but still wins the hears of all his friends. He loves cooking carrot dishes and can dig carrots up faster than anyone. Very tricky, but who can hate a face like that? He's seldom seen, a mysterious rabbit. He met Pochacco after unintentionally stealing carrots out of Pochacco's garden. He lives in a house shaped like a carrot.

Mime - 

A little yellow tortoise who is an expert bird caller. He is good friends with Pi-ru-ru, who often uses Mime's back as a perch.

Poppuru - 

A white duck and Pochacco's swimming instructor, tends to waddle rather than walk. He lives in a house shaped like a six-sided die.

The Pi-chans - 
Pi-yo, Pi-ko, and Pi-pu are 3 small yellow girl chicks. A constantly peep peep peeping trio! They were laid in a nest in the hollow of a tree, and have the same birthday as Pochacco.

  • Mogumogu - A brown, squint-eyed mole. If he's down in the dirt, he's happy! He always looks sleepy, but the truth is, the sunshine is too bright for his eyes. He lives in a house shaped like a flower pot.
  • Pi-ru-ru - A small, orange bird, loves to joke around and tends to change his mind a lot. He's there in an instant, then gone again. Also known as "Chatty" in American dubs.
  • Swim - A green platypus who is always smiling. He's very good at making everyone feel happy and he loves to store as much food as possible inside his rather large bill! Swim also enjoys swimming on sunny days and talking with his many friends.
  • Rachel - A black and white girl skunk and one of Pochacco's newest friends. She hopes one day to be a gymnast.
  • Ticky - A silly brown monkey, always running around and likes to climb up high. One can say "hi" to him, if one can catch him.
  • Dotchi - A small green frog, tends to get carried away. A lot of fun, but a bit scatter-brained.
  • Mon-Mon - A brown flying squirrel. They met on the way to Konya-Konya Mountain ("'Night Night' Mountain" in English), and ended up playing together all day, so Pochacco still hasn't been to Konya-Konya Mountain.
  • Samyu - A small gray striped kitten, found sleeping in a tree. Everyone is still trying to help find Samyu's mother.
  • Ponchi - A navy blue penguin in a sailor's outfit, met up with Pochacco when the curious little pup was off for a vacation in the South Seas.
  • Tap - "A rainbow colored Dodo. Can hardly get off the ground, but keeps on practicing anyway

Sources: WikipediaSanrioWikia

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