Saturday, July 6, 2019

Konnichiwa Summer Block Party

Yesterday, I went to a Hello Kitty Hollywood store event and came home with some exclusive goodies. 

I was the first one there on a Friday event. I probably got too excited and came on the dot at noon of the event. I began my browsing of the boutique to make sure that I didn't miss anything that would catch my eye and interest. 

Before I completed my purchases, I went straight for the caricature artist and was literally the first person to be drawn for that day. It was my first time getting a cartoon drawing of myself and could not wait to see the results. 

It was instant love when I saw my caricature. I really love the idea of wearing Hello Kitty sunglasses in this drawing of my caricature portrait. It just re-affirms that I'm wearing something to represent my kitty love. The artist adding a touch of Hello Kitties in the shades makes this a treasure piece. 

I will treasure this caricature forever. 

Unfortunately, when I visited the boutique, there wasn't any new special exclusive fashion clothes. Maybe next year? 


Instead what I found were exclusive boutique postcards. A total of 15-20 cards with different designs. I bought 14 of these kawaii cards and threw in some doubles. You know I couldn't walk away without grabbing some double copies for my secret stash.  >.<

My extraordinary day was complete. I visted. I shopped. I adored. And, I was on cloud nine. I'm looking forward to more of these type of events with these balloon and caricature activities.

Until then, stay kittified!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Retro 80s

These days, Sanrio has been gradually re-releasing retro versions of their older merchandise to every Collector's delight. We are hoping more versions are on it's way because this gives a chance for new Collectors to actually own something like these below. 

Above are very small cases of the real thing. I am hoping they will release the vintage pencil cases that came with multiple hidden storages with just the click of a button. It was a favorite of mine because it came with a ruler, eraser, and tape -- all in one case. The cases could open on both sides, where you can store many pens and mechanical pencils. 

It was my go-to organizer for my writing tools. I feel like a nerd because these were important to me. Unfortunately, the vintages pens and cases are not sold anymore in Sanrio stores. The quality in the past was much better than as of late. 

These next collectibles are the retro drawer cases that a lot of Collectors will treasure over the years. I love that the fact that I own one of these babies from the 80s collection. And, in MINT condition too! You can only find the vintage versions on e-Bay for an expensive price. This is more worth it because I can save myself a hundred dollars and the item is not used. Jackpot!

Which one is your favorite?

2016 Sanrio Robot Figurines

Once I had the 2013 white Hello Kitty Robot K set in my collection, I had to complete my robot fascination with this next set of series released in 2016.

What I liked about this set was that it features my three favorite Sanrio characters: Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and My Melody. Unfortunately, there is no other Sanrio characters other than Kuromi, Monkichi, and Badtz-Maru as seen above. 

All the characters except Hello Kitty is wearing a futuristic type of robot outfit. It reminds of a space suit instead. Hello Kitty stands out from the rest as the virtual robot leader.

Hopefully, one day-- we can get more of a focused robot gear set of six figurines for characters like Pochacco, Pompompurin, Pippo, etc.