Thursday, May 23, 2019

Enthusiast vs. Collector

WARNING: This is not to offend, but to show the differences in a fandom. If you're easily offended, then you're not going to like this one. I have a lot of humor, but I'm not going to pull back my punches at what I see as truth. Laughing at yourself is the best medicine in life. Without humor, it's a really sad life. If you take this too seriously, then let it be known-- you're NOT my target audience. I write to get to the matter of the issue. There will be times that I will try for satire. Lastly, I'm opinionated. Take it or leave it. Thank you for visiting!

Enthusiast: I've been collecting Hello Kitty for over 35 years. Hello Kitty power! 
Collector: I've only started collecting 5 years ago. Here's a picture of my collection.

Enthusiast: Heads up! There's HELLO KITTY at Torrid!!
Collector: Yup, it's been there since last year.

Enthusiast: where did you get that?
Collector: about a few months ago, there was a Sanrio collection. They're all sold out.

Enthusiast: OMG! I bought this for cheap at a yard sale!
Collector: Lucky!! I had to pay full retail price for mine.

Enthusiast: I'm traveling soon. Where are the good spots in Japan for Hello Kitty?
Collector: < lists famous places and stores > (well detailed in research via web)

Enthusiast: I can't find Kitty in where I live! I refuse to pay for international shipping and seller fees!!!
Collector: I have a wide variety of collectibles in my collection because I was willing to go far for my obsession.

Enthusiast: I only like this one out of all the series.
Collector: I have to buy all to complete my sets! I have to have them!!

Enthusiast: can anyone help me buy this physically at the store? I'll pay for the item and shipping to my house.
Collector: I get my items through a personal international shopper

Enthusiast: I'm a minimalist. I don't understand why you need a collection to put in a case to just sit there. I only buy what I use.
Collector: I'm a Collector. I love my lifestyle and there are other Collectors who gets me.

Enthusiast: I don't have much Sanrio, but I have some Hello Kitty purses.
Collector: my main collection are plushes. Hundreds of them.

Enthusiast: I'm selling this figurine. Sorry, it doesn't come with the original box.
Collector: I keep everything and I do mean literally, EVERYTHING -- including the original packaging and tags!!

Enthusiast: my collection so far consists of only gifts from friends and family.
Collector: I buy stuff with my own money.

Enthusiast: a lot of my stuff are from generous penpals
Collector: I overpaid for my collection from e-bay

Enthusiast: I'm moving. It's going to be smooth and fast.
Collector: I have to prepare and get millions of boxes when I move!! It's going to take me weeks to pack. HELP!!

Enthusiast: All I want is a picture with Hello Kitty!
Collector: [With a straight face] I plan in detail of a FULL photo-op session with Kitty and friends, including live streaming.

Enthusiast: Take cover and run! There's an earthquake coming!
Collector: NOOO!!! My Sanrio Collection! I need to save it. I'm going in!!!

Enthusiast: I love only Hello Kitty.
Collector: I love SANRIO.

Enthusiast: Hello...
Collector: ... Kitty.

Enthusiast: I have some POCCHOCO stuff from my childhood days
Collector: I have tons of P-O-C-H-A-C-C-O stuff, too! We're twinsies!!

Enthusiast: [Singing] There's Mickey and Hello Kitty sitting in a tree and K-I-S --- 
Collector: NO! You just did not go there!! Dear Daniel is her boyfriend & future hubby!!!

Enthusiast: space is limited, so I only collect the small stuff like cheap stationery.
Collector: limited space is not a concern for me! Wanna visit my storage? I rotate my stuff out yearly.

Enthusiast: You do know these are cartoon characters?
Collector: I won't believe your lies! They're real. Here's my photo with Hello Kitty. See!

Friday, May 10, 2019

That Pink Hello Kitty Chair

Yes, you heard me right! There's a P-I-N-K office chair by Lean Back out being sold in the Korean market. Not everyone likes a pink chair, but I'm not exactly normal or predictable.

I love pink, but I get rather picky with the details. If it goes hot pink, I'm like definitely not. A hint of hot pink with light pink as the main color -- you got my interest, so let's see the rest. You get my drift. 

Now, back to the topic of the PINK Hello Kitty chair. I was going to purchase one today, but my plans got ruined. On the Korean page to buy the chair, it reads that it won't ship to the United States and to please select another country. 

My jaw dropped! I was crushed!

No... seriously. Not cool to do that to me. I had waited a week and a half to purchase this pinkalicious Hello Kitty chair to find that it is not possible. It says to USA: Unpredictable. In red font colors. RED.

I'm like why can't they ship this office chair when I was able to get Fed-Ex to ship my oversized Hello Kitty sofa?? And, that cost me an arm and leg.

After thinking about this for awhile and spending my chair money on another Hello Kitty substitute purchase, I think this is a sign.

Yes. It is a sign. (please go with me here... this is me rationalizing here)

Maybe someone up there is telling me that I don't need this particular PINK Hello Kitty chair. It's cute, but I can wait for a better Hello Kitty office chair that can be a character shaped chair. Yes, that's right. I should wait for another PINK chair to come along to tempt me. 


<Clicking the link again to see the words, UNPREDICTABLE in bright red colors>

You don't suppose it will change to yes in another few weeks for United States? No?