Friday, February 22, 2019

ARCHIVE: List of Hello Kitty Birthday Dolls

I wanted to compile a list of Japan's Birthday dolls. Since I have limited information, here is a list that I could find through the help of Collectors and online resources. 

Status: REVISED as of 2/2019

Any help with pictures would be much appreciated!








Japan: only 800 pcs made (25th Anniversary)





Japan: only 500 pcs made

























Puroland: only 100 pcs made





Japan: only 1200 pcs made



 Japan: only 1800 pcs made

Puroland: only 100 pcs made







Small Gift, Celebrating 50 Years of Sanrio Review

WHERE to Buy:

Sanrio Hollywood Boutique

A Keeper
This book is a must have for Collectors all around the world. It has to be one of my TOP favorite Sanrio books of all time because of the content inside the book. What better way to have a mini memorabilia of older Sanrio merchandise at the tip of your hands?

It might not exactly be the real products at hand, but the pictures are surely drool-worthy! The pictures of vintage merchandise have me coming back to reference any older products that I am searching for at the time. Plus, it is note worthy that the pages are printed in quality. The vibrant colors will pop out to you, ensuring that you'll appreciate the visual beauty of Sanrio.

One of the many reasons that this book is my favorite is because they have an introduction to the company and the owner. There are a few pages with pictures of past closed Sanrio boutiques that were up and running in the old days. Fond memories for some of the older generation, right?

There is a brief excerpt from a Hello Kitty fan, Maria Fleischman (HK Junkies). I wished that the book had more content on Sanrio Collectors, not just Hello Kitty Collectors. It would have made the book even more special if Collectors were featured. 

Included in the book is a Character timeline poster that would look great framed in my Shrine room, but it doesn't look like it's easily detachable. What a treasure book that I now own. Happy Sanrio Hunting! Meow.

My Sanrio Rating:  

Below are pages from the book:

Please credit me if photos used! TY.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hello Kitty Hollywood

Hello Kitty gets a makeover...

This year starts off on the right note as Hollywood gets a new star on the block. Say hello to Hello Kitty. Sanrio has opened it's 2nd Los Angeles boutique in the heart of Hollywood. 

In the same building of Hollywood & Highland Center, the previous Sanrio store was located on the first floor many years ago. Now, the new boutique is located on the second floor and much larger than the current Sanrio in Little Tokyo.

It's a smart choice to bring back a Sanrio store in the Hollywood area because of the many foot traffic that the Center gets year round. It's the central tourist spot to visit. Also, Los Angeles has a large Asian community residing in the area. 

It makes sense why Sanrio would close down their many Sanrio locations across the States. It's not good business to keep stores open if there are no profits rolling in. The truth is that majority of those Americans see Hello Kitty as for kids and have been losing interest in the character for a long while now. 

Most Americans are willing to spend their money on Disney than on Hello Kitty. It helps that Disney has great marketing strategies and that they can create really cool Mickey & Minnie designs to attract older consumers. It translates well onto quality merchandise.

Like I have said many times before, image is important. Sanrio needs to think cool if you want majority of the world's attention. You can't just stick to kitsch if you want to appeal to all types of cultures.

Our fandom is small. It's a fact. It's easy for Sanrio to get "fans" on their social media accounts, but these so-called fans do not buy the merchandise on a daily basis. They can easily love a character, but to spend money on it? Not so much.

With this new boutique just opened in Hollywood, we hope that Sanrio's makeover is a great start to a new upgraded image of their brand. 

Please credit me if photos used. TY.

One good step in the right direction is the makeover of their boutiques. Sanrio has brought out even more clothing choices than ever before. In the middle of the store are racks of clothes. The store is still definitely cute, but it has become more than just that... 

It has become ultra cool and fashionable. It's what attracts people. Cool and fashionable stuff to hoard, display, and wear in public.

Another change is that the boutique sells very high end bling (see video) and brought back vintage classics for hardcore Collectors. It's a guaranteed heaven for Collectors to splurge. 

Books and beauty supplies adds to the uniqueness of Sanrio, instead of expecting just toys and plushes. The atmosphere has a more "cool" effect to the surroundings. The art on the wall are amazing, combined with photo-op statues. 

It has an impressive digital tv display at the back, giving the boutique a more upgraded look to the whole design of the room. Another thing to mention is that there is a candy section available, which caught my eye because Sanrio has everything for their fans.

If it can be branded, Sanrio most likely has a Hello Kitty version available somewhere in the world.

Lastly, there is a fitting room! Unlike other Sanrio stores, this one has their own fitting room. I haven't tried it, but I hope to do so soon!

Like one of the signs says, Twinkle Forever Kiki and Lala...

Happy Sanrio Hunting!
New store social media account Hashtags #hellokittyhollywood