Sanrio Hello Kitty Addict FAQ

Junolyn's Store
Q     Do you run a Sanrio store business?
A     No, I do not. I sell only what comes my way. I am a sanrio collector, who gets little things here and there through e-bay lots that I no longer want or desire to keep.

Please read my Store's FAQ here.

Q     Is your sanrio stuff on your photobucket for sale?
A     No, they are not for sale. Please do not ask me more than two times. If I say no twice, I will not answer you a third time to the same question. If I do decide to sell something from my collection, I will post it in my blog and it will go up on my eCrater store for sale.

Q     Will you ever sell on e-bay again?
A     I won't say never, but it's always a possibility if I want to use the auction service. But then again, I can save the sellers fees by posting the item here for a certain amount of days and will sell to the highest offer - but only for certain special items like a momoberry plushie.
Q     Do you sell to International Buyers?
A     At the moment, no. I will do an exception for longtime active Hello Kitty Junkies members (3 mths at least & requirement to leave a comment on my HKJ page OR message me thru HKJ that you want to buy something) and requires a registered mailing method. Though, I will not ship to Italy - no exceptions. Too much bad experience.

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Japan's Online Website
Q     Where can I buy Japan's sanrio stuff that I see on your blog?
A     Read my International Seller post here. For certain items, please try e-bay. Here are two recommended International e-bay sellers: Dodo's House and Rubypcy. Just use the "ask a seller a question" link and they will let you know if they have the certain item in stock (don't forget to send them a link to the picture).

Q     Do you have any recommendation for an International Shopping Agent?
A     Same answer as to last question. Please go to link above.

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Q     What is a Momoberry?
A     Read my Momoberry post here.

Q     What is Sanrio Luxe?
A     Sanrio Luxe is another version of Momoberry, but targets more towards luxurious brands and your charge cards. The store is located in New York.

 233 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Sanrio Luxe can ship to most domestic locations within the USA. All you need is a major credit card and photo id. You'll need to scan your ID and credit card and email/fax to them


Q     What is this Sanrio Addict's Mission In Life?
A     Nag Sanrio, annoy them...   don't you agree?

Q     What is an Enabler?
A    Every Sanrio Addict has some sort of an enabler, whether it's a person or thing (job, money, influences, etc). This sanrio Enabler is your worst enemy and your BFF at the same time. The enabler will want to eliminate your sanrio addiction, but at the same time will feed your addiction to keep you happy.

Q     What are Love Letters?
A    Every Sanrio Addict has contacted Sanrio on multiple occasions. In one of those times, the sanrio addict has basically either begged (for retired/exclusive products) or given a glowing letter full of praises. The catch is that those praises are actually a sanrio addict's way of manipulating Sanrio to give us, addicts, what we want. An example of that would be bringing Momoberry back to Los Angeles, CA.

Example of Love Letter:
Dear Momoberry Headquarters,

I've been a fan of your Momoberry products since your first debut in Los Angeles and I have to congratulate you on a well done extended Hello Kitty brand line. Blah, blah (full of fantastic praises go here)

But, it was to my astonishment, to learn that Sanrio aka Nakajima has closed down Momoberry's doors! Such a shame to have... (GUILT TRIP goes here)
Always a Fan,
Sanrio Addict aka Lynnie
Remember, Addicts, lay it on thick! Use whatever means necessary to get Momoberry back. And, yes, I am unashamedly promoting the campaign for Momoberry Mission Back to L.A.! [MMBTL]

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment on my shoutbox or on any post and I'll either update that particular post with the answer or you can find your answer in this FAQ page the next day or within 24 hrs.

If you would like my opinion on a certain sanrio series (from only these characters: HK, MM, Keroppi, Pochacco, LTS, Tuxedo Sam, or Pippo), send me an e-mail through a link on the left side. Please don't forget to fill in the subject line. It must not start with "Hello" or something that I will think is spam because I will delete it instead of opening it. Don't forget to add a link to the picture (must be a public flickr/bucket/familiar site) and I will add my Sanrio rating to the post the next day or within three business days.