Thursday, August 29, 2019

2017 Best Sanrio Merchandise

Here is a look back on the merchandise that Sanrio has released in 2017. The list highlights the best merchandise for that particular year. 



These snowglobes became game changers because Sanrio only used to release very small sized snowglobes. These special collectibles were larger in size and more importantly, very detailed for it's kind.   



These plushes above stood out in a way that separates themselves from the rest of the pack. 



Sanrio would start releasing a wooden tableware collection and later expand for the following year. We were finally introduced to a cute bread shaped plate and a specific mug designed to hold hot coffee. 



These special items above are chosen for their unique design. In particular, the My Melody suitcase or small briefcase is a rare kawaii item from the usual merch released throughout the year. It's not something that you can find all year round. 


AT LAST! Finally, we get matching backseat floor mats for our kittified cars. These floor mats are beautifully designed to make your car cute and cool at the same time by using neutral colors, instead of bright colors. It really does give off a different feel to the surrounding space.



If you just want to light up your shrine, this is a way to do it. It doesn't hurt that it showcases one of my fave My Melody design series.



This throw is my first My Melody blanket to own. Maybe one day, I'll own more Sanrio bedding if ever Sanrio decides to go out of their budget plan for that particular year. It really does take years and extreme patience to get the good stuff for your collection.

Party Supplies


Hallelujah! My prayers have been answered. I've been wishing for Sanrio themed gift wrapping paper and here it is...

It did not disappoint in design aspect. I love them. Hopefully, one day -- we can get it consistently every year in the holiday seasons.



The year starts off with these monthly pins and ends with another cute pin. These pin campaigns will go down in Sanrio's history of merchandise timeline because it's the first of it's kind. We are very lucky to witness this era.

Desktop Items


Lastly, we can't forget what Sanrio is famously known for -- kawaii stationery and pens! All the requirement it needs is the kawaii factor. Full of treasures to be cherished forever. Those new generation "office" type of pens don't have the same appeal as these super cute fancy ones. Sanrio is known to have one of the best designed pens, mechanical pencils, pencils with eraser toppers, and crayon pens in the late 80's and 90's. 

As time goes by, one thing that will never change is our everlasting love for Sanrio. This concludes the list for 2017 and hope to find many new favorites in the upcoming years. Happy Sanrio Hunting!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

2018 Best Sanrio Merchandise

Here is a look back on the merchandise that Sanrio has released last year in 2018. The list highlights the best merchandise for that particular year. 



This diorama collectible is one that stands out for being more detailed and being a rare-of-a-kind on higher quality craftsmanship. We need more of this kind of collectible than the usual cheap small snowglobes. 


 Sanrio Puroland birthday plush

JAPAN birthday plush

The best type of doll or plush are the ones that are made with quality. As seen above, there are no comparison to the rest of the other plushes released in 2018. 


HK Grand Cafe mug and headband

These collectibles are a fan favorite among Collectors. The bow and mug are only exclusive to the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe.



I'm in love with their new wooden tableware collection that they first released in 2017. It was a very small collection set, but in 2018 - Sanrio has expanded to include larger wooden plates and more. 


Who can't resist Hello Kitty luggages? I can't, especially if it comes in baby pink color. 

Kawaii Decos


These are night light lamps that can brighten any collection. They are very cute and more importantly, the design of it is not a normal standard Sanrio product. It's one of a kind type of collectible that is not in the usual range of expected merchandise from Sanrio. 



The only coin bank shaped in character form was released in 2018. I've added yet another ceramic coin bank to my collection. 



This plastic candy auto dispenser is a great addition to kittify my future home. Again, something out of the norm product that Sanrio has released for us, Collectors! Keep it coming. 


This book has a secret. It opens up as a tissue holder, but you can use it as a substitute to store hidden things inside!

Desktop Items



Japan Post Seal Stamps

These items above are what makes Sanrio special. These are not ordinary PLAIN office pens or erasers. These are kawaii decorative pens and erasers that stands out to scream, "too cute for words!"

We, Collectors, die for this type of cute pens and erasers. What I LOVE about these erasers are the fact that it has tiny Hello Kitty prints on the whole body of the eraser. It is rare that I love the design of both these pens and erasers since the 90s.

Last on this list are Hello Kitty stamps released in Japan. I've just begun collecting Hello Kitty stamps in 2017, so these are my second set of Japan Post stamps. I'm waiting for Japan to release more stamps on other Sanrio characters.

Like stickers, one day my collection of Sanrio stamps will grow larger and larger.

For now, this concludes my list for the year 2018 on the best merchandise. Hope your Sanrio collection has grown since then. Happy Sanrio Hunting!

Revised 8/28/19

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What Are Gimmicks?

Gimmicks are well formed tricks in persuading a consumer to part ways with their money. A lot of branding concepts out there are usually in gel, liquid, or powder form. Often times, they do not match with collaborations with character brands, unless it's customized to character shaped containers or physical shaped forms. 

For a good example, the Creme Shop sheet masks have actual Hello Kitty prints on them, but I don't know how you can justify it when you have to throw it away after one use. Same with below.

Cinna Lip Balm

The products above is part of the beauty line, but more so on the accessories side than the actual beauty product (the liquid lip gloss and gel balm), which is hard to justify the kawaii gimmick of just covering it with art. A simple placing of a sticker can easily do the trick. 

The only viable character branding exception is Proactiv's cleansing brush. It is true to something that is unique where you have the item as a character shaped brush. This is what physical character branding is all about and not about decorating it with only a superficial sticker. This is where your money is well spent and justified.

Bath bomb. The plastic packaging is the only art provided.

I would hope most people in general are more smart with their money. Above are gimmicks that does not have any physical sense of connection to the character. 

Take for instance the fake eyelashes. Seriously?

I could never buy and justify spending my hard earned money for just the Hello Kitty paper that comes with the eyelashes. It just baffles my mind. 

From most feedback that I have heard about these wines or champagnes are that they are very pretty as decor, but they do not taste good. It's why I don't own one. I don't see the justification of buying a bottle. If the art is printed on the bottle, then that's different and I would justify buying it. 

Although, I have to say-- they are very pretty to look upon.

Lastly, I have come to my final example of a gimmick. There was a sweet dessert collaboration with Yogurtland. The product is the liquid form of yogurt ice cream. There's no way to shape it in the form of a character. So, what was provided was character shaped plastic spoons and paper cups. Mind you, decorated printed paper cups. 

These paper cups do age and are completely useless after years stored away. It's not something you can keep long term and in good physical form. As for the plastic spoons, it's not worthy enough to justify this collaboration.

The Yogurtland collaboration was just a simple form of a gimmick marketing. Their goal was to draw fans to their franchise stores. If you always went there, then I would see no changes to your regular routine. If you didn't go there often, was it for the bragging? 

Gimmicks are there, but most times if you're smart with your money-- you will think twice about it. I do on many, many occasions because I use my money on actual Sanrio products to decorate my home or to cross things off my wishlist. It's why I have a variety of collectibles in my collection rather than all plushes or of the same type of product.

Are you smart with your money?

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Konnichiwa Summer Block Party

Yesterday, I went to a Hello Kitty Hollywood store event and came home with some exclusive goodies. 

I was the first one there on a Friday event. I probably got too excited and came on the dot at noon of the event. I began my browsing of the boutique to make sure that I didn't miss anything that would catch my eye and interest. 

Before I completed my purchases, I went straight for the caricature artist and was literally the first person to be drawn for that day. It was my first time getting a cartoon drawing of myself and could not wait to see the results. 

It was instant love when I saw my caricature. I really love the idea of wearing Hello Kitty sunglasses in this drawing of my caricature portrait. It just re-affirms that I'm wearing something to represent my kitty love. The artist adding a touch of Hello Kitties in the shades makes this a treasure piece. 

I will cherish this caricature forever. 

Unfortunately, when I visited the boutique, there wasn't any new special exclusive fashion clothes. Maybe next year? 


Instead what I found were exclusive boutique postcards. A total of 15-20 cards with different designs. I bought 14 of these kawaii cards and threw in some doubles. You know I couldn't walk away without grabbing some double copies for my secret stash.  >.<

My extraordinary day was complete. I visted. I shopped. I adored. And, I was on cloud nine. I'm looking forward to more of these type of events with the balloon and caricature activities.

Until then, stay kittified!