Friday, February 26, 2010

NEW Stuff @ Japan's Sanrio Site!!!

Hey you, Plush addicts, out there!

Japan's Sanrio Shopping Website has some new items that you might be interested in. I know for sure I am definitely interested in this lovely Pochacco plush below. *Crossing my fingers they sell this plush in USA*

21 X 14 X 14cm - You can get it here.

Wish it could have been cuter

Pekkle, you look so good. We missed you!

For your car

Bathroom Set piece 

Cute rug, huh?

Little Twin Stars *Town* Series

It's official! 

I'll be getting my own copy of the Little Twin Stars *Town* Series soon.  

Above pic courtesy of Dodo's House from e-bay

Once I saw the close up pictures of what the design looks like, I think I have fallen flat out loud in L-O-V-E! I changed my mind on the ribbon bow making the design look a bit off. Who cares about the bow I say now. The darn whole overall look is amazing. Not all Little Twin Stars design can make me jump with excitement and this makes me happy cause the products look really nice. With a capital N!

 Expensive, but totally worth it!

 ^  I got my copy coming through the mail. I can't wait to receive it. This really is a treasure. If you've seen the closer pictures of the details on this drawer box, you'll see how it stands up next to a vintage LTS one. And, the box that comes with it -- oh my gawd! It really is pretty. Not just an ordinary plain box with a sticker pasted on it, but of a designed box. This jewelry drawer chest is not the only thing amazing-looking, the pen set is truly one of a kind. Very pretty. I'll post pictures once I get them! I keep telling myself not to get too excited because I keep thinking of getting a double copy of the jewelry drawer chest above... such wicked temptation for this addict.

UPDATE 2/28/10
Currently, the Town Series is available on e-bay OR you can get it through a Japan shopping agency. Please see this post for more details on international shopping agents. For e-bay, please search under "Little Twin Stars." At the moment, there are only two international sellers selling the Town Series. Just use the "ask a seller a question" link and they will let you know if they have the jewelry chest box in stock.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Every minute, every second...

Pretty so far, my week has been very good. I didn't expect to spend a lot of cash in my local Sanrio store. Bet Sanrio had planned all this ahead of time: target sanrio addicts who love plushes! Especially bright fun loving colors like yellow to get in the mood for Easter. I bought my 12" yellow baby chick with clear plastic gift wrap and it's sitting on top of my desk hutch, waiting for me to unwrap it. I'm thinking of keeping it in it's cellophane and leaving it out for display. Really adorable.

Other than my excitement for my new plushes, I've been waiting for some sanrio purchases that I am expecting in the mail. When you buy from international sellers, waiting for mail can be a killer. Especially the cheap 3-4 week waiting time period.

Good thing, I got this below to temporarily appease me for a while before I go crazy with impatience for my next new purchase. I love vintage Hello Kitty...

What a lovely addition to my HK notebook/pad collection

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Easter Purchases

Yesterday, I realized I couldn't not go to my local sanrio store and not buy the yellow Baby chick Hello Kitty plush. I went there intending to buy just the baby chick plush, but I saw the matching pink plush and I couldn't resist it.

Both plushes are definitely adorable!

^ I bought this small version as well. Most likely will buy the 18" version when I have more $ to spend.

Also, I bought a tiny My Melody sleeping plush and a couple of My Melody pencils, which I'll add a picture to the blog either on Saturday or Monday.


For you, U.S. Residents, you can now buy the *Pipi & Popo* plush in USA Sanrio stores now. I saw the small and big version at my local Sanrio store.

Buy me, My Melody commands it ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Easter 2010 Plushes

USA's Sanrio is definitely coming out with really cute Easter bunny Hello Kitty plushes:

I only like this color white HK bunny than the blue colored one

Here are two new Little Twin Stars Matching Pen Set:

^ I prefer the ballpoint pen version than the Mechanical pencil design.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello Kitty Jewelry Stand

Here's a new item on Japan's Sanrio Shopping Website. A pretty Hello Kitty jewelry stand. It's very pretty pink and a nice addition to a girl's bathroom - if she was single.

Nice use for your cosmetic area

Here's something sweet and pink. The purse caught my eye with it's pretty frill and unbelievable color scheme. Gah, it makes me want the pillow and purse so bad. Such big temptation. I hope they sell it here in the USA.
Love that shade of pink!

What is great about Sanrio, that they can create adorable plushes like these below. I wish they can be more constant with Hello Kitty, Pochacco, and Keroppi plushes.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

HK Designs OffKill

It seems like I need a new monitor for my PC.

A few weeks back I thought I was viewing everything like everyone else, but it seems that there is something wrong with my monitor (something about pixels) cause I see everything overbright.

This screws me over because I thought my internet "designs" must look off. I'll probably need to revamp the colors once I can get my hands on a new monitor. Might take me a few months, but I'll get there.

Friday, February 19, 2010

End of the Week E-Bay Purchases

This week is an exciting one for this sanrio addict!

I won two great vintage items that are now added to my many sanrio collection: a vintage sealed Little Twin Stars sticker and a Hello Kitty Vintage School set.

I haven't yet taken a pic of it, but this is another piece I have that is not sealed.

Vintage 1984! All mint unused!

 Inside. What a great treasure for this sanrio addict!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Be Xtra Cautious with International Deals

One thing I get my info are through my experiences and through the grapevine. Just recently, I gained another bad experience when dealing with another Italian seller.

I know not all sanrio sellers from Italy have a bad reputation as a seller, but foolish me, I decided to trust another one and thankfully, I got my money back, but it took me two and a half months to figure out that this Italian sanrio seller wasn't going to mail the sanrio item that we had agreed upon. 

The deal was set through Flickr, which I have never done before. Note to self: Never try that again. If I ever think about making a deal thru flickr, please someone give me a swift kick!

Seriously, Hello Kitty makes me throw caution in the wind. I need to work on that flaw.

What I don't understand about these sellers who makes transaction deals and never complete their end of the deal. If the seller sold the item to someone else, then why can't they just send back a refund without a buyer having to open a paypal claim and to demand back the refund. All I know is that she wasn't going to give me back my money if I hadn't threaten putting her name out there to the HK community. What is wrong with these kind of people??? If you've been in my shoes, did you get back your money? Or did you give up and stopped e-mailing that person who cheated you? If yes, didn't that make you mad as hell? My crummy seller wanted a buyer who gave up so she could keep the money. There really should be a list somewhere that the Sanrio community can go to see which International sellers have a bad reputation in keeping their end of the transaction.

::SIGNS to Look Out for Deal Breakers::

  •  Seller doesn't e-mail right away... it takes weeks before you get a reply. Like a delay tactic. If you don't file a paypal claim within 45 days of the transaction, you lose your money
  •  Seller claims to mail it soon and will send another e-mail -  which seller will never do
  •  Lack of apology or any apolegetic attitude
  •  Messages are very very short. Like one small sentence. No explanation on the hold up - nothing.
  •  # 1 : Silence. No e-mails, no contact!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Momoberry Purses

On USA's Sanrio shopping website, there are new items. In particular, there are two styles of Momoberry purses to choose from.

If you want it, click here.

 Different Color: Bronze

Doesn't the smaller one look better?

Different Color: Bronze

I'm waiting on the Momoberry plushes instead.

For you U.S. residents, you can now purchase the pink version of the My Melody plush that is currently sold in Japan's Sanrio shopping site.

USA's online sanrio store is selling the 15" version here and the 7" here.