BIO: Chococat


Sibling: N/A
Cousin: N/A
Birthday: May 10
Debut: 1996

Source: IG

Current Designer: Wakako Nasu, ?th
Past Designers:  ?  

Species: Cat
Languages: N/A
Accessories: N/A
Birth: Chocotown, Colorado
Parents: Rory & Catrina (divorced)
Grandmother: N/A
Residence: Choco-Choco House (mom's house)
Sidekick: N/A
Pals: Cookie-Bau (the dog), Nutz the hamster, Jellybean the bunny, and the Duckies: Chiffon, Lemonade, & Leafie
Pets: N/A 
Character Trait: a little scatterbrained at times, kind of a guru on the latest news because of his "antenna" whiskers, a spunky cat who loves to play around
Favorite Foods: N/A
Hobbies: N/A

Source: Sanrio
Chococat tends to be a little scatterbrained at times, but he is always up on the latest news, thanks to his ultrasensitive “antenna” whiskers! He takes his name from his chocolate-colored nose. Chococat has fun playing with his friend Cookie-Bau the dog, Nutz the hamster, Jellybean the bunny, and the Duckies!
When Sanrio releases new Chococat lines (the background colors and designs), Chococat's collar and fur color, and his accessories and friends, are often altered. Chococat was originally pictured with a blue collar, but he has since been depicted wearing different colored collars, scarves and even a lei. Sanrio has also produced new Chococat products that portray him in a greyish-brown color. In the Momoberry version, he is pink with a top hat, bow tie and cane. Line names are often heavily relied upon, in internet sales descriptions.

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Sources: WikipediaSanrioWikia

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