Sunday, June 13, 2010


Thank you for all your patience, everyone!

Bad news first!
Finally came up with the dough to get my computer checked out to find out if it can be fixed or not. Final result is that my best bet is to invest in a new computer because mine is about 3-5 yrs. old. Took me a long while as many things have happened in life where my sanrio love got lost somewhere and it felt like my obsession was fading.

No fear, addicts, I'll get my sanrio mojo back as soon as I make a certain My Melody *Parasol* Chest Drawer Box purchase from a lovely Japanese seller. And, a trip to a local sanrio store should rejuvenate my obsession back to order. And, if all fails, I'll just go bug some Hello Kitty Junkies to remind me why they love Sanrio.    ;)

Good News
I'll be using my brother's apple computer to be blogging, but depending if I can get another temp job, I might be blogging at least twice a week instead of five times a week. But, I'll definitely keep my *Top Picks* going if you like my taste in sanrio items!   :0)

Also, bear with me as I try to adjust with using a mac computer because I am a pc user and will always be one, no matter how much my brother is trying to convert me into one. It's been a few months, but I still feel like I can't accomplish anything without my computer files that is stored on my external hard drive, which I can't access because I can't open it up with a mac. Plus, I don't want to convert my files into a mac version because I still intend to buy a new PC computer. Looks like my plans for junolyn website is on hold. It's one of the reasons why there's no updates.

I did get the last two sizes of the black and white Momoberry plushes. I have the complete plush set size: S, M, L, and XL (huge one). I'll try to post pics later next week. I have to figure out how to work a mac version of adobe first. Do you think I made a crazy decision in getting all four sizes?

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