Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ad: Your Pets are Pleading for Help!

An Open Letter to the Cats and Dogs of the Community:

Are you tired? Feeling run down after being chased all over your home by your crazy obsessed owner who loves to dress you up in a Hello Kitty costume? If you're lucky, it'd just be any other character than Hello Kitty.  

Woe is Me
Source Picture

Have you succeeded in hiding from this torture?
The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle of pepper spray.  You no longer have to run the other way once you catch a glimpse of a gleam in your owner's eye while he/she is holding a disturbing looking piece of outfit. Use the can of pepper spray when you notice the signs that your owner is ready to humiliate you in front of all your animal friends and neighbors. 

You can sit back and be assured to know that you can call this number and bark out your order. We'll send you a bottle the next day with free shipping. As for payment, we'll send the bill to your owner. So, hurry and get your own copy today with a guaranteed protection against this obscene attack on your pride and self-esteem. CALL TODAY.

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