Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happiness = Cute

Happiness is what motivates us to feel alive and creates a satisfied feeling of strong joyful emotions.

What does being "Happy" mean to you?

For many different people, it can mean a lot of things like vanity, wealth of money, the love and warmth of family and friends, social status/reputation, or materialistic needs. Or it can be a bit of everything like in my case. The reason is because I haven't achieved all of my dreams. In rare cases for those who've achieved all their goals, they move on to search for another reason to be happy.

Case in point...


Maybe it's our escape from reality. Maybe our obsession with kawaii is a form of therapy from dealing with the harsh realities that we face on a daily basis. Maybe it's our coping mechanism that comes into play here.

Are you like me searching for happiness? What does happiness represent to you? Does happiness mean surrounding oneself with so much cuteness? Is this where obsession begins? Where does it end-- or the better question is: does it need to end?

I've said it before and I've heard others say it as well, I take comfort in staring at my Sanrio collection. Is that what I have been collecting these few years all about? Just comfort and pride? Does it help with the state of happiness to own an Instagram account to show off all these coveted collection? Seriously, if you take away your bragging rights-- what would happen to your obsession? Will it wither away like a leaf on a tree? Does it take the fun out of everything?

I do admit that showing off my collection is another reason that my obsession lingers...

I feel happy and proud that I have achieved a good amount of collection to be called a collector. I have achieved full status as a collector. It's something to define myself in this world out of many different types of achievers.

It might not be as great as achieving the Pulitzer award, but it's something different from the norm.

Is it Genuine?
I keep thinking that my Sanrio obsession might not last forever once I am done with my Sanrio projects (don't ask; my plans are all over the place ;p  ). In my case, I think I will love Sanrio until I am gray and old. I might stop collecting in short periods of time, but I have a strong feeling that I will always fall back in love with these adorable Sanrio characters over and over.

You really can't escape from them. With Sanrio's endgame, who could?

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