Saturday, December 12, 2015

What I Learned From Hello Kitty Con...

If you are a new collector or a collector who has missed out on the first ever Hello Kitty Con, then here's a list that might help you out in the future for other events:

  1. Long lines is to be expected
  2. You need to arrive early, early--- did I mention very early? ;p
  3. No guarantees that merchandise are exclusive to the event 
  4. Items to be sold out early due to greedy scalpers looking to make an easy buck
  5. You know there's a human under there, but you still have the urge to give a character mascot a hug. If you manage to hug Pochacco or Lala, send my regards!
  6. If you know ahead of time of the merchandise at hand, make a priority list. It will help your decisions on where to go from starting point
  7. Get what you really want the most first. You won't regret it.
  8. Make sure you have a sturdy bag or plenty of shopping bags at hand! Cheap plastic or paper thin bags can break or get holes. You don't want to lose precious treasures after standing in long lines to get them
  9. Bring a buddy. For long lines, buddies come in handy if you need to make an emergency run to the bathroom. Also, buddies make the best enablers to help hold your many shopping bags while you try to haggle your way into the crowds to buy a collectible
  10. If you bring a baby stroller into the event, be mindful that running over people's toes do hurt. Accident or not, you should know it's going to be crowded with people on the weekends. Weekdays might be different.
  11. Stay hydrated!
  12. Don't run, do what others do....   high speed sprinting toward your destination 
  13. Don't depend on your cards to make a purchase. Make sure to bring cash, just in case a vendor is having card machine difficulties. 
  14. Don't forget to pay respects to the security and staff. 
  15. Photo ops is a requirement. Get ready to put on a big smile and work it
  16. For a convention, a day or two was not enough time to get to all the activities
  17. To get hyped up, watch a lot of Sanrio collections on youtube a few hours beforehand to get your obsession going on high speed
  18. Get your mindset on Sanriofied or Kittification mode; a brainwashing technique to get you to open your wallet and spend!
  19. Check the weather forecasting for the day. 
  20. Don't forget to bring your Hello Kitty or My Melody selfie stick and an iphone charger
  21. Bring pepto Bismols chewables for diarrhea 
  22. Most of all, laugh loud and have fun

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