Sunday, August 7, 2016

Friend of the Month Campaign

The Friend of the Month Campaign officially started on May 2016, where Sanrio would give out a free pin when purchasing over $30 of their merchandise. Each month, there will be a new character pin to collect. 

The first character to kick off the FOTM campaign was the little black cat, Chococat. From there on, Tuxedo Sam followed-- along with Pippo. Every 1st of the Month is a surprise on whose next. Will it be one of your TOP 5 Faves or a pin to add to your collection as a set? 

May - Chococat
June- Tuxedo Sam
July - Keroppi
August - Pippo
September - TBA
October - TBA
November - TBA

The Friend of the Month will continue onto next year. Who are you looking forward to the most?

When this month started, I did not expect to be surprised and delighted when I found out the character was Pippo. I never imagined that they would promote Pippo so early onto the game. This makes me want more Pippo merchandise asap. How can Sanrio tease us like this?! ;p

I adore Pippo so much. Tuxedo Sam was finally getting his turn in the spotlight and I felt sad that Pippo was being forgotten in the corner. Sanrio, please release some really cute Pippo merchandise. I need to start on some really cute Pippo collection. Don't forget about stickers and character shaped Sticker Albums!

Now, I am ready for next month's character surprise. Anyone wanna place those bets on the lucky character? 

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