Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hello Kitty Cafe in Las Vegas!!

It's official. The Hello Kitty Cafe in Las Vegas is opening on July 12 at MGM's The Park Vegas, next to NYNY Las Vegas casino and Beerhaus.

Cr: Via Foodbeast, courtesy Andy Nguyen

Definitely, I have to go visit this shipping container for that Keroppi donut and Hello Kitty shaped pastry. If they didn't have these two items to perk my interest, I would have never made plans to travel to that container. I have to put those two items on Instagram! It's a ritual for this fan: spend the money, squeal and giggle like a fan, and lastly, brag to all. Seriously, that's a fun day for me.

Now, let's talk about the color on that shipping container. I had to cover my eyes for a second to that harsh neon pink color. My first thought was whhhhyyyyy? Why do they always choose this awful color for their shipping container?

And let me point this out---   is the color even more neon than the container at Irvine?! Say it isn't so. 

For the ones who share my similar dislike for neon pink, I have to break your hearts. It is much more neon than before in Irvine -- based off the picture. I'll confirm it once I see it in person. 

I have to wonder if they think the average amount of Americans like the neon pink color. Or is this a grab-for-attention marketing strategy?

When Hello Kitty Cafe opened as a shipping container, they did the same thing but with a less neon pink color. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I seriously questioned the sanity and taste of American girls these days. Then, the container was closed and Hello Kitty Grand Cafe was revealed.

Now, Irvine's brick and mortar Hello Kitty Cafe was a surprise to the fandom. We were not expecting it at all. I didn't understand Sanrio and their shipping containers. They had given all their Hello Kitty fans in America with so much hope and then, to open it's doors as a shipping container. Pure disappointment.

It has come to full circle. Note that Hello Kitty Grand Cafe's front entrance does not have any harsh neon pink color anywhere. Instead, it has an impressive design of a very pretty light pink building with gold tints to the windows and bow door handles. The store front design finishes off with a flirty purple and white awning that creates a more classy feel than what we are used to-- coming from Sanrio.

Back to present day, Hello Kitty has landed in Las Vegas. Looks like there may be a pattern here if we put Irvine's location as an example to follow. The news on the block is that this specific Cafe has permanent residency in the city. 

Like Irvine, there may be a "permanent" Cafe in the works, but I think they're all part of a trial experiment to check out the location and if it will generate any profits. There's always a gimmick for Hello Kitty Cafe when they first debut a new location.

For Irvine, it was the very first one in SoCal. It drew fans to the location because it was the first of it's kind, a character cafe that was not connected to a theme park. For San Jose, it was that silver mug. Next month, it's going to be that Keroppi donut and Hello Kitty shaped pastry in Las Vegas. Who knows what else is exclusive to the new location.

The Las Vegas location has indeed come out strong to entice fans to this shipping container. They have been stingy with character shaped food. Let's be real here. They are stingy. It's the opposite in Disneyland where you can find many character shaped themed food creations in both parks. Unlike Sanrio, at least they give what fans desire the most.

Has anyone noticed that they took away the character themed mini cakes at the front part of Hello Kitty Grand Cafe? It's now exclusive to the tea service and the traveling trucks. You only have three Hello Kitty shaped cookies. One or two normal looking cake with only a 3D bow as a topping. Those other sweets with a Hello Kitty face that is not attached to the dessert does not count as an art creation! The rest are normal and ordinary desserts. 

From past other locations opened and closed within a year, it shows that Hello Kitty Cafe does not have a strong following to bring in crowds after feedback has been known that they don't serve quality baked sweets. They get stale. They're not fresh. They are a gimmick. Most importantly, Sanrio doesn't care that it's not made with quality. All they want is our money and we, fans, give it.

See you, Collectors, in Las Vegas! Meowy for now.  >.<

Let's all try this...
We all say: Hello...
You say: Kitty.
Get it? Marco Polo game. Haha!

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