Saturday, July 6, 2019

Konnichiwa Summer Block Party

Yesterday, I went to a Hello Kitty Hollywood store event and came home with some exclusive goodies. 

I was the first one there on a Friday event. I probably got too excited and came on the dot at noon of the event. I began my browsing of the boutique to make sure that I didn't miss anything that would catch my eye and interest. 

Before I completed my purchases, I went straight for the caricature artist and was literally the first person to be drawn for that day. It was my first time getting a cartoon drawing of myself and could not wait to see the results. 

It was instant love when I saw my caricature. I really love the idea of wearing Hello Kitty sunglasses in this drawing of my caricature portrait. It just re-affirms that I'm wearing something to represent my kitty love. The artist adding a touch of Hello Kitties in the shades makes this a treasure piece. 

I will cherish this caricature forever. 

Unfortunately, when I visited the boutique, there wasn't any new special exclusive fashion clothes. Maybe next year? 


Instead what I found were exclusive boutique postcards. A total of 15-20 cards with different designs. I bought 14 of these kawaii cards and threw in some doubles. You know I couldn't walk away without grabbing some double copies for my secret stash.  >.<

My extraordinary day was complete. I visted. I shopped. I adored. And, I was on cloud nine. I'm looking forward to more of these type of events with the balloon and caricature activities.

Until then, stay kittified!

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