Monday, August 30, 2010

Joint Partnership? Anyone Interested?

Hi, addicts! I was wondering if any sanrio addict would like to *guest blog* about their collection on my site (or vice versa). I'm trying to think of ways of how I can incorporate my ideas with other addicts to make good blogging or video tubing [or take this to the next level and when I say I have ideas, I do - just no advanced skills/advanced programs/etc]...

I don't really have any advanced video editing skills (SIDE note: I do have some flash experience/making a mini vid but right now, I don't have a PC and my files are stuck in limbo), but I do have an iphone recording device for my collection... anyone want to do a joint sanrio partnership thingee if you get what I mean?

Or if anyone wants to use my photo collection to make your sanrio themed video?

Here's my resume experience in video editing! I'm still an amateur, but I just need my PC back and few more self taught research, before I can make my own edited sanrio video.

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