Monday, August 23, 2010

Sanrio Rehab Diet & Ramblings of this Sanrio Addict

These past few months, I have programmed my mind into not thinking about sanrio - so here is my messed up ramblings of a sanrio addict recovering from a long sleep!

If you have noticed my absence in blogging lately, it is because I have been on a Sanrio Rehab Diet. I'm here to reveal that if you can keep your fingertips off from internet browsing, you can successfully do the Sanrio Rehab Diet for three to six months! I think I lasted only six weeks- haha! Prior to that was three months, I believe.

Why go on a Sanrio Rehab Diet?
 I was spiraling head on to financial disaster if I did not pull back. In all honesty, I don't regret a single dime that I spent, a lesson I surely needed to learn, but this sanrio addict strongly reaffirms that she will not give up her sanrio addiction! This sanrio addict will make side trips aka Rehab diet in order to keep on going with our obsession. And, also to get our enablers off our backs. [Definition of Enabler: Sanrio's enemy & BFF, go to FAQ] Seriously to appease my sanrio enabler, I had to show proof that I can stop my obsession. It was just a smoke screen for my sanrio habit. The way I see it, give the enabler to think that I am finally getting rid of my sanrio obsession and then bam! That enabler won't see it coming... I'll slowly work my way back into my addiction. It's a cycle that this sanrio addict has to do in order to trick said enabler. It's a give and take weird relationship we have going. I need my sanrio enabler to keep supporting and supplying the funds to my addiction. Surely, you addicts, have your own enabler and know what I am talking about.

Has Going On a Sanrio Rehab Diet Easy?
Honest answer, no. In order to go on a successful rehab diet, you have to replace that obsession with another addiction! And let me tell you, I found my Temporary Addiction Replacement. One important thing is that my temporary replacement obsession wouldn't cost me a dime! That, my addicts, is where it works. My TAR was anime and manga. You can find free versions off the net. Keeps the mind occupied because it's a time consuming addiction replacement. It actually stops my internet sanrio browsing.

Sure, once you find your TAR, you need to have will power to stay on track. It doesn't sound easy for any addict, but you have to keep these two words in your mind: Trick Enabler!

Another helper, you should be focusing on an image of a great huge pile of Sanrio products waiting for you at the end of a long long tunnel -  that is your goal! Give yourself a time limit on your rehab diet, whether it's a week to six months. I recommend not going over six months, then you might not be able to come back to your addiction and your enabler will win the fight of keeping you away from the preciousness called Sanrio. 

More Steps: 
  • Avoid all anything related to Hello Kitty and Sanrio! For this addict, I avoided HKJ and all sanrio online sites. Just hide those links. Don't completely delete them (that's what your enabler wants). Hide those links to sanrio photo sites like Flickr. Avoid looking at other collectors' sanrio collection. Cut it all off.

It's a rehab diet that is very simple and not that complicated. It sounds super easy to achieve, but it really takes a matter of reprogramming your mind set. Remember the goal, fool your sanrio enabler! And all will go according to your plan in keeping your sanrio obsession and not getting it eliminated by the enemy enabler.

Recovery Time When Diet Ends
Rejoice, but do it in private. Remember you're manipulating your enabler's thinking to your way of thinking.  Start slow on your purchases. Buy one or two things as a starter. Don't suddenly take all those hidden links out. Take it out one at a time, maybe one per week. Your enabler will think your addiction is cured and so he/she will reward you by giving you what you want = $ (to buy sanrio). Addicts- manipulate, manipulate the enabler! Also, use the guilt trips, too. You addicts know what I am talking about. You addicts are smart and don't need me to give you incentives to relate it to Sanrio.

Remember this is a cycle that occurs every year. Just make sure to not let your sanrio enabler catch onto your sanrio goal.

I have a couple of more weeks to go before I can completely come back to my addiction.  And in the mean time, here are a few Sanrio products that looks interesting:
Hello Kitty Candy Series - all around clean and fresh!

My Sanrio Rating: 
Aren't any of you addicts tired of the same kind of type pens Sanrio is giving us lately? What's with only the silver ball on top?

My Sanrio Rating: 
Hello Kitty Compact Mirror

My Sanrio Rating:  3/4
Hello Kitty Long Wallet
Sanrio almost had it designed successfully! HK die cut face looks like it's ironed on like a pasty!

My Sanrio Rating:  3/4
Hello Kitty 8" Plush
From the picture, the material of the plush looks funky. Is it cheap material?

Here are two Hello Kitty Iphone 3 cases:

My Sanrio Rating: 
Hello Kitty Iphone 3: Candy

My Sanrio Rating: 
Hello Kitty Iphone 3: Grey Leopard

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