Friday, June 14, 2013

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It is like my own playground and diary entry. If you'd like to be FB friends, friend me on HK Junkie and let me know via in the message note. I will send you a FB invite. I am more picky who follows me here than my twitter account. The only requirement that I ask is that you are a Hello Kitty Junkie for more than 3 months with an active activity and are socially active on FB.

I like to interact with my FB followers, who won't have a hidden agenda being there to spy on me. I value my friendships that I have made on Facebook, but I don't take it personal if someone unfollows me first because truthfully, we are strangers online sharing our lives. That being said, I unfollow a person if I deem it a fake or game account. No interactions with me or signs of activity, I unfollow.

***  If you are the type to offend easily, please save both our time and don't follow me. If you do decide to follow me, remember to not take things what I said personally. It's not about you. Most times, I generalize things. These are my opinions. Take it or leave it. I am looking to make friends who value friendships despite our different backgrounds and beliefs. Example: Your family loves you unconditionally even if you differ in opinions. They won't ignore you or whatnot. They're family. 

Most will be pictures of Sanrio with an added touch of my life

My Sanrio Addict Tube that showcases my overseas mail hauls

My Sanrio ramblings and promoting Sims 4: Sanrio patterns for the game that I create

This tumblr account is called Sanrio Luver Lane, where I post and reblog other Sanrio lovers' collection. Plus, you get more of my sassy ramblings to enjoy as well. ;)

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