Thursday, June 27, 2013

Singapore's McDonald's Fairy Tale 2013 Scandal

I stand by this: Manipulation and Manufactured Hype of Singapore's McDonald's Fairy Tale series plushes. In order for Hello Kitty fans to buy at a higher price, these "sellers" are doing whatever they can do to manipulate the hype that surrounds this "Fairy Tales" incident. If you think about it-- 10 years from now, the McDonald plushes won't be much of value because a lot of sellers will eventually realize that there are not a lot of collectors willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a toy. It's a lost cause. A hopeless gimmick. Poor them. Well, not really, but you get my point.

These sellers have tainted the word, "fan." Now, whenever a franchise company promotes a campaign with Sanrio, in the back of the minds of fans, they will ask: "Is that person ahead of me in line a true collector fan or a scalper who wants to profit from a fan's obsession?"

McDonald's urges public to stop profiteering from Hello Kitty plush toys

By Rachel Tan

The McDonald's Hello Kitty plush toy craze has translated into a opportunities for online sellers to capitalise on the fad.
Several advertisements selling the toy were seen just hours after they went on sale early Thursday morning. In one posting on eBay. there were 125 bids for the "Singing Bone" model.
News of the online transactions have reached McDonald's headquarters in Singapore - and the management is not happy about it. "We do not support people buying the Kitties for resale, and we have been regularly removing posts offering such services from our page. We take the conduct of our staff very seriously and if any of them are found to have misappropriated the Kitties for personal gain, we will not hesitate to take appropriate action," the fast-food chain posted on their official Facebook page.
The toy has also resulted in a number of confrontations among consumers. According to Stomp, at McDonald's Bukit Batok Central outlet, a policeman was asked to clear a dispute over people jumping queues.

Source: Straits Times

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