Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Spot a Fake Sanrio Addict

Regarding the Singapore scalper incident, I have noticed that these people wanting to make a quick buck on the side would go and stalk sites that they know Sanrio addicts would visit. On Hello Kitty Junkies social network, they'd open an account and pretend to be a Sanrio fan, while promoting their store. It's not genuine if they can't back it up and show that they are a true collector. Sure, there are casual fans out there, but that's why this article is not about those kind of fans. We're talking about pretending to be a collector while reviewing a Sanrio product or impersonating as a collector fan.                                                                     


1.  Starts with "I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty..."
     Noticing a lot of similar comments stating this yet? Ever thought this was not a paid reviewer, scalper, or fan?

2.  Showing off a few figurines or plushes with a comment like: "Just some of my Hello Kitty
     This is a beginning indicator that they do not have any more Hello Kitty collections, along with a recent joined date. Do they have any other social media that showcases their many collection as they claim to have?

3.  ALL photos are showing off stock and/or personal photos that you know does not belong to
     This is a fake account or someone trying to pretend to be a so-called addict
4.   They know little to no knowledge of Sanrio's background. 
      If they think Sanrio is from China - well, be suspicious.   

5.   On their profile page, they have more photos of what they are selling than Sanrio related products that they bought in the past
      You should ask what is their purpose in stalking Sanrio related sites or searches with Sanrio 

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