Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sanrio Addiction Dictionary

As you know, I'm Level 5, an Addict. Remember, there are 5 levels of a Sanrio Addiction. For the graph above, Stalkers are in it's very own category. Seriously. You just don't want to go there.

Anyhoo, let me explain the graph above in simpler terms:

WE ARE THE FANS-- no matter the levels

Fans are the starting point to everything...

As FANS aka Wanderers-- We start here before going down our journey of Addiction levels. Fans are a more broader term that is often used to describe us. Fans are not defined as one thing or put in a square box to categorize as one meaning. Fans consist of Collectors and Enthusiasts.

Then, what is the difference between the graphic chart and Addiction levels that you ask?

The Addiction Levels goes into more details on your journey of obsession, while the graph chart is another way of showing of how every level is connected and can give birth to a new group within a circle. The journey keeps growing. It also shows which group is larger than the other.

Graph = type of groups  /  Levels = journey of levels

FANS > Enthusiasts & Collectors

 Enthusiasts aka Gypsy are solar opposites from Collectors aka Addict (5th Level), but are the largest two birthed from the first level, Fans (Wanderers).
they give birth to Casual fans aka Fan, a sub-group that is a level above them. Enthusiasts are more larger than Casual fans because they are in love with Sanrio, but they either do not have the resources to take a step further into an advanced group level or are not willing to put Sanrio as a priority. Whatever obstacles they face as Gypsies, they love to chat and fantasize about the kawaii world of Sanrio. They are also always on the lookout for free stuff and discounts from Sanrio. They don't have a big collection of sorts.

Collectors aka Addict is the last advanced group and have the same size group with Enthusiasts.
they give birth to Addict fans aka Eccentric, a sub-group that is a level above them. Collectors are more larger than Addict fans because Sanrio is now everywhere, meaning that more Enthusiasts are switching sides to Collectors. World domination endgame is in progress. Are you ready for it, addicts?

Casual Fans < Enthusiasts

Casual fans aka Fan are a sub-group of Enthusiasts and is smaller of the two. There are less fans within this sub-group because they are aware of Hello Kitty, but not too familiar with other Sanrio characters. In essence, they are peeking into the magical world of Sanrio from the outside reality. They probably own one or two Sanrio shirts or pajamas. More likely gifts from friends and family.

Addict Fans < Collectors

Addict fans aka Eccentrics are a sub-group of Collectors and is smaller of the two. There are less fans within this sub-group because they are not ready to have the obsession take over their lives. They have a neat amount of collection so far to show off. Although, all aspects of the addiction is still in control. They still listen to their enablers, not like you know who...

Here's THE List

  1. Wanderer = Fans
  2. Fan = Casual fans
  3. Gypsy = Enthusiasts
  4. Eccentric = Addict fans
  5. Addicts = Collectors

And lastly, there are Stalkers aka the Three S's --  all lonely by it's own separate category from the levels of addiction. It's off the grid because this group of stalkers are dangerous. Gasp! You don't say!

Surely, you don't think I am kidding regarding this group. They don't follow the rules in the magical world of Sanrio. They are more crafty and more stealthy. It's why everything is hush-hush and top secret. They have a secret agenda, which no ones knows about, but themselves. Like I said, there's a reason why this group is to be avoided. You've been warned for the last time.

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