Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Melody vs. Hello Kitty

~~ * --Let the Fan War Party Begin-- * ~~

Next battle round is the feud between two of Sanrio's most famous characters: My Melody and Hello Kitty.

At last, we get to nitty-gritty of things. We finally made it to two big champs to see an awesome fight on our hands. Yes siree, folks, two frenemies going head-to-head to see who comes out alive and kicking... 

*halts in mid-sentence*  No good? What-- that's not enough to spark your fighting spirit?

Sheesh. Tough crowd to please here. Ok, okay, I hear you...

Onwards to more of my troublemaking ways:

FACE-OFF:   My Melody vs. Hello Kitty


My Melody

Hello Kitty
1. How old are you? 39 years old 40 years old
2. Do you have a sidekick? Yes, my lambie-pie-- Piano ♪ Bear or Tiny Chum
3. Do you have any famous relatives? Kuromi, my devil cousin Twin sister, Mimmy!
She wears her bow on the right side
4. What is your image like? Kawaii brand image Child brand image
5. Who does Sanrio favor more? I'm head in line to take HK's crown, so the answer is obvious *shakes head* I disagree. I'm still a hot commodity to Sanrio
6. How about the public? *bragging* everyone loves me
*shows off the many love letters*
*Whimpers* I receive a bit of both 
*revealing hate & love letters*
7. What kind of reactions do you get on the streets? Who are you?
Celebrity Status
8. Which fruit comes to mind? Strawberries Apples
9. Do you have an iconic accessory? I wear a hood over my ears My bow on my left ear
10. Favorite Fashion color? For this era-- Pink.
You'd think I only have one outfit in my closet *sarcasm*
I am in between colors at the moment
*pulls out a pink bow & a red bow*
11. How are you feeling right now? I'm very cheerful and talkative
*Smiles brightly*
*Does not speak: being moody*
12. Who's your BFF in Sanrio? Kiki & Lala. We're very popular and we make a sweet combination when we're together. Fans scream for us. Keroppi is my best choice. Number 1: he's not a dog; 2: I only hang out with the most popular, hence Keroppi is more popular than Pochacco
13. What's the word on your success? I'm moving up the ranks: animes, comics, games... I'm everywhere.
I'm pushing for a movie deal to Sanrio
14. Who is the breadwinner? *haughty* I'm on the brink to global fame The theme parks and cafes speak for themselves
15. Where do you see yourselves in 10 yrs. from now? Didn't you hear? Hello Kitty was supposed to retire & I was supposed to be Queen of Sanrio *resentful* *rolling her eyes at the dramatics* You wish (@ My Melody). Getting married and still be the hottest cat around!
*winking to the camera*
16. Anything you want to say to the fans? Sending my love to everyone. Please vote for me as your Favorite
*bows respectfully*
Goodbye, Cheerio, Sayōnara, Adieu, Ciao, Adios, Annyeong...


That's a wrap-up, people!
Where has the time gone? Not only were we in the presence of two of the kawaii-iest creatures on earth, but we got to hear from them personally! Did they make your day brighter or what? *beaming with so much energy*

*Smile dies*
You can stop shielding your eyes now. I've stopped doing the bunny hop of excitement.

If you enjoyed that battle round, please take it to the comments section below.
*Whispering* We all know Hello Kitty is the winner of this round.

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