Tuesday, January 21, 2014

San-X vs. Sanrio

Today's topic is the war between Japan's Merchandise Character brands: San-X and Sanrio.

You have two big name Japanese brands competing for your attention. Aww... aren't you flattered like I am? Just which two of the brands have the kawaii character that makes you see hearts and magic? Let the battle begin to win America's sweethearts!

Let's continue on my troublemaking ways of starting a fan war:

FACE-OFF:   San-X vs. Sanrio



1. How long has your company been around? We were founded in 1932. 80 years since then We've been around for 52 years
2. Does your name have any special meaning? Our logo, four-leaf clover represents with our Symbol color, blue, which correlates with putting their hearts and soul for wishing "Good Luck." *looking it up from a smartphone* From the spanish words, "holy" and "river".
3. Any mottos or specific slogans? "You're so cute, I could eat you up" "A small gift can bring a big smile"
4. Whose your current most popular character? Rilakkuma Hello Kitty
5. Is there anything we can differentiate between the two of you? Most of our characters are based on food Our characters focus on cutesy animals like kitties and bunnies
6. You've both earned some bragging rights. Care to share? *with a solemn innocent look* New York Times has stated we have bypassed *cough* Sanrio *cough* in the popularity ranks *Beaming like a proud parent* Our Puroland & Harmonyland are a shrine to our achievements
7. Anything you want to say about each other? *bites back* I "love" what Lady Gaga was wearing... *irked by last comment* A favorite character is their Kogepan.
8.  Any hidden weapons to your successes? Sentimental Circus My Melody
9. Which out of the two of you is more famous? Ask that in 10 yrs or so. We're working on that... Well, I don't mean to brag here...
10. Does your fans consist of both genders? *grinning* Why, yes, of course. Our Tarepanda is a big hit with the male office workers in Japan. No comment
11. Where do you see yourselves in a decade from now? .......... *with no hesitation* Global Domination
12. Anything you want to say to the fans? Please look forward to seeing us more in the future. [Mentions official FB page address] *hinting for fans to petition for a San-X franchise in the U.S. We thank you for your unconditional love and support
*secretly pointing & hinting to a big Hello Kitty sofa nearby


Round 2 went off with a great big bang! How can the kawaii world decide between the two cutest character brands?

Tap, tap...
tapping on the shoulder...
"Psst, you forgot Mickey and Minnie! The powerhouse cutest couple in the world!"

*Giggles* Now, why on earth would I forget a thing like that? Stay tuned, folks, for another battle round in the works. Comment below to tell me who you think is the winner.

Originally Published at Sanrio Luver Lane

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