Sunday, February 2, 2014

Collectors & their Personality

Which one are you?

Doll Collectors

A sweetheart; A helpful or obliging person
We love maintaining our doll collections, whether dressing them up or displaying them in showcases. We communicate with other fellow collectors by trading dolls or giving out helpful information to obtaining an exclusive doll.

Figurine Collectors

Dependable; Cares a great deal about appearances
We give great care and attention to our figurine collections. We are diligent in getting the latest figurine and adding to our growing collection.

Sticker Collectors

A tenacious, diligent, or persistent person
We slowly collect over a long period of time. We may start out with a small collection of stickers, but as time goes by, we have accumulated a whole album to show off to other fellow collectors. We have the patience of a saint when it comes to our stickers.

Pen & Eraser Collectors

Witty and creative
We love to use our powerful tools to design, draw, or write masterful pieces of work. We're always busy doing a project or about to start one.

Stamp Collectors

Genuine; Seeks approval of others by trying to impress with skills or talent
We love to show what we can do for others, whether it be a skill or talent. We love to be useful and be known as the go-to person for help.

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