Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Haul

Focuses on the usual Three Suspects ;)

For this haul shipment, it focuses on accessorizing all aspects of my life. Whether it's in the kitchen, car, or making a fashion statement, I am armed with cuteness overload. I'm one step closer to kittifying my home 110% more than when I started 8 years ago. I still need more to achieve the full kittification that I need to show my kawaii style. The future sure does look brighter at this end. Won't you join me on my journey to my very own sweet world?


  1. i know this is from over a year ago but where did you get the little twin stars plush? they are so cute!

    1. It's from Sanrio Japan. You can google them. You can also try e-bay for your searches. It's from a long time ago. Good luck on your searches.