Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Open to Suggestions & Guest Bloggers

When I started my official blog here, I didn't see the benefits or how my website would turn out. I started out thinking that I would showcase and advertise the extra unwanted things I had accumulated over time. It never occurred to me that I would end up writing article pieces of my journey as a Sanrio Collector. It is my pleasure to share all my experiences with many collectors out there-- even the Enthusiasts. I am touched to hear from a few of you that are reading my blog. It really keeps me going and finding topics to continue writing as best as I can. 

The reason that I took a two year hiatus was because I needed to take a break from collecting Sanrio. Literally, Sanrio had consumed my entire life (at the moment-- it still is). I needed to venture out, spending money on other things in life that was different and normal.  Another big factor was that I felt like I had a writer's block and couldn't continue blogging and finding topics to write about for this site. 

Nowadays, I am in a different head space. A different mindset when I start to write as a Collector. I find a topic that I like and just write whatever comes to mind. I try to not let other things like fear of writer's block get to me and just continue to remember how much I love Sanrio-- the titular of this site. Also, I knew what kind of articles that I wanted to write about-- something that wasn't blindly going to ignore the negative side of collecting a favorite hobby. I want to write articles that are open to interpretation and most of all, get to the heart of the matter even if it doesn't paint Sanrio in a good light. 

This site isn't meant for those die hard fans that go out for their way to intimidate or try to "shut down" any constructive criticisms on their favorite brand or idol. As an adult Collector, I wanted an outlet where I can express my ideas and opinions freely-- to discuss and to debate like mature adults. I find that most Hello Kitty forums or message boards are overrun with topics that are too kid friendly and not one topic that is controversial. There is nothing wrong about debating over issues that deals with Sanrio-- as long as the discussions are handled in a mature way. 

Hence, my blogging here. Writing about my favorite hobby has given me a renewed love for Sanrio. It has continued my obsession.

For those who like to write, I am open to reading your submissions and if I feel it fits my website-- I'll post it for you or we can arrange something for you to setup as a Guest Blogger. If you want to express your love for Sanrio or Hello Kitty, submit away. If you have something critical to say to Sanrio-- submit because we all know that they're listening and watching.

Rules of Submissions

Subject: Guest Article (ADD subject or it'll be deleted without opening)
Article By: Name, Web Alias, or Anonymous
Type of Collector: Enthusiast, Addict, Casual, Fan, or Collector
Instructions: Please check for misspellings and for grammar. If a sentence doesn't make sense, please leave your e-mail address to confer on any editing that needs to be done. Please don't forget to add the title of your article. Do NOT send any attachments. I won't open it.
Please send all correspondence by e-mail.

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