Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Preparing for HK Con

You all heard about the first ever Hello Kitty Convention to take place right here in Los Angeles, right? I'm assuming you do know and will skip the details that you can find here.

Hello Kitty Convention 2014

If you were following one of my social media sites, then you would know by now that I have bought my tickets to attend a whole day at the convention. I am still on the fence on going a second day because I know I'll go flat broke on the first day of the convention. I'd love to buy a second ticket, but I am not sure if I'll have any spare money to be able to fully enjoy a second day at the convention.

To let you know ahead of time for those who cannot make it to this year's convention, I'll be tweeting and instagraming my activities throughout the day. Be sure to follow for updates on October 30. 

Ever since I bought my ticket, the convention has been on my mind constantly throughout the week. I have been making a list of what I would need to prepare for such a big special day. One item that stood out from the list was a kittified outfit.

To plan that outfit, I wanted to go for a pink themed style. I just bought a pair of Hello Kitty sneakers and it would match perfectly with my pink Hello Kitty cap. Or should I wear my pink Chubby Bunny hairbow instead?

Below are pictures of my planned outfit for the convention:

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