Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Inside Junolyn's Handbag

For a year and a half, I have been focused on searching for Sanrio items to add to my growing collection of handbags. They are not ordinary handbags, but of Loungefly's Hello Kitty embossed bags. These handbags are truly one of a kind because they are stylish yet still be a cute Hello Kitty product. It screams fashion bags for adults. These handbags are one of the reasons that made it acceptable for older women to like Hello Kitty. 

NEWS ALERT: Hello Kitty is in.

 What's in your bag?

Before Loungefly's Hello Kitty handbags came onto the fashion scene, there have been many designs of Hello Kitty purses that were sold through Sanrio. Most of the HK purses just don't compare to Loungefly's HK designer bags. Loungefly's version of Hello Kitty bags have been so incredibly successful with the adult crowd that they have expanded the line to luggages, cases, and more.

Inside my handbag

My Stuff
I try my best to carry a small amount of things because I really hate a messy purse where it takes a while to find whatever you need. I have found the basic things like a calendar planner (even if it's 2010-- still cute to use for contacts and such), small wallet, card holder case, portable scissor, small mirror, USB car charger, a small pouch for tissues, and a pen.

Below is a video that shows fully of what's in my white Loungefly Hello Kitty handbag. There are a few necessity items that I can't do without like my SPF lipstick, Icebreaker mints, iphone, keys, and the Sanrio stamp cards.

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