Saturday, September 16, 2017

Obsession In Collector Terminology

Today's keyword is Obsessions. The whole theme to a collector's guide.

Introducing Collector Terminology
Known as obsessed or obsessive as well. In a Collector definition version means 
  1. the state of being obsessed with a physical object, subject, or someone. In other words, the inability to stop loving and thinking about the subject matter at hand. Goals are set for the collection. A state of attachment forms with the object or subject. 

What does obsession mean exactly?

In terms of collecting, obsession can be seen as a negative image where all reasoning and thought processes are halted in favor of the obsessed subject matter. Extreme actions of behavior are considered as unhealthy to the norm. 

As it may seem that way to others, obsession can be taken in a somewhat more alternative form that is acceptable to the community of collectors. There is a new breed of collectors underway. The difference with these collectors is that they know their limits. Those "extreme" behaviors are broken down to small parts where a collection is curated over a period of time. Using a budget is one example to be set apart from those who actually use extreme actions to achieve a goal or object. 

An example of an unhealthy extreme behavior is spending money that the collector cannot afford within his or her means. 
Ergo, a budget is locked into place. Or sacrifices are made by trading a valued item for another.

Loss of control is another example of extreme behavior. 
Setting limits by using time management and having support keeps things objective and in control.

Actively using your common sense in the right manner, obsessions can turn into something good rather than perceived as negative.

Understanding Obsessions
The only people who can truly understand obsessions are the collectors that are currently going through it or have gone through it. There are people who will never understand us. And at the end, it is okay because the one opinion that matters is you.

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