Saturday, December 31, 2016

Starlight in Hello Kitty World: Enchanted Forest Teaser

Here is a follow up to my last update in the mobile app game, Hello Kitty World.

As time goes by, the game releases new items every month for players to store new decorations or use them to blueprint in their digital world. I have accumulated so much decorations over the years that I was finally making progress within my Starlight World.

Still Unfinished. A work in progress

Above picture is the breathtaking Enchanted Forest of Starlight. It is located right next to Hello Kitty Kingdom - beyond the magical Hello Kitty water fountain. 

My story unfolds into another magic portal that greets you with a sign of Welcome. The first character to meet you in the Enchanted Forest is My Melody. She is the keymaster to the secrets of the forest. While it may not be her world, she takes her many jobs seriously. They all do. Sanrio characters love their job to entertain and bring joy to everyone. 

Only with My Melody's permission will the secrets of the forest be revealed to you. After exiting through the My Melody's Lair of Leafs, a mysterious giant of chocolate cake appears before your very eyes. What a sight to behold because there are little Santa elfs maintaining the chocolate that is coursing down a path at the bottom of the hill. 

One of the Santa elfs are dancing around and one elf indicates that to leave the area, you must slide down on what seems like a chocolate slide with marshmallows to help cushion you from falling sideways. As you are ready to slide down to the bottom of where a river of chocolate awaits you-- they make you sign a digital release form that states you know how to swim. As soon as the dotted line has been signed, they literally give you a push down the slide.

Whether you are ready or not, these Santa elves are not messing around. 

For those who are curious as to what happens if the answer is opposite of knowing how to swim. Well, the very energetic and "helpful" elves will take you by your arms (both of them, mind you - they are in rush...) and escort you to a nearby Snow cake. And, yes, there is an icy slide with marshamallow rails. Once you slide down to the bottom, the soft covered snow will cushion your landing.

Even when you land to your new surroundings, you have little helpers waiting on standby to hurry you along on your journey. Residents who are able to swim go to the left of the map, whereas Snow sliders are guided to take the right side of the map. 

To be continued onto next year. Still need more decorations to complete my Enchanted Forest. What will come next in my Starlight World?

To join the game, more info can be found here and here.

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