Saturday, July 21, 2018

Wishlist for the 2nd Hello Kitty Convention

It has finally happened! Wait for it...

No, not Momoberry being released from her caged chamber! Not even close, but hopefully, in the near near VERRRRY soon future (yes, me being very wishful & projecting my thoughts and hopes). What I am speaking about is that the year 2018 has reached the halfway mark. Isn't it almost time to hear about anything specific that has to do with the second Hello Kitty Con? Or even the projected 2019 Hello Kitty cartoon movie?

Soon, it will be the 5 years mark since the last Hello Kitty convention or event. I am praying that Sanrio will announce a date or something to confirm that a convention and/or a movie is being scheduled for next year. 

Hello? Dear Sanrio...
This Sanrio Collector is calling for a message of hope for the holy grail of the bestest ever Hello Kitty Convention. Calling for The Greatest Hello Kitty Convention in history to take place next year. The Holy Grail Era for Hello Kitty fans all around the world is waiting to hear about and rejoice. Hmm, I think you get what I am saying right? Did I go overboard with the description? If I did, sorry about that, but I am one excited and anxious kitty fan!!!

Why is that? It is because I need to plan when I should start saving for the convention as well as any needed travel expenses that I would need to save up. I have to know if the next Convention is going to take place here in the center-of-everything Los Angeles (yes, I'm going to brag about my city) or in the heart of Tokyo, Japan?

Which country is it going to be - that is the most important question for all Hello Kitty Collectors to this date.

It's just 5.5 more months until 2019. The more closer that it comes to 2019, the more that I imagine what it would be like and what I'd like to see take place in the Convention.

Here is my Wishlist:

  1. Please sell Hello Kitty balloons, from fancy to cute types of balloons. I've seen fancy balloons with character shape smaller balloons inside a main big balloon. 
  2. Please sell Hello Kitty face flower bouquets
  3. Please sell more vintage items in their Vintage Shoppe. 
  4. Please have a Retro Shoppe where Collectors can finally be able to own a very unique and modern Hello Kitty phone version from the vintage 1976. Or have a new phone model like the white 1976 to be available to purchase.
  5. Please provide an actual room of a Hello Kitty Cafe where there are waiters/waitresses to service cafe customers (instead of a cafe truck)
  6. Please bring back MOMOBERRY. To bring back Momoberry in this Convention would be so awesome for all us, Hello Kitty fans!
  7. Please have a vintage Momoberry Shoppe where there are past Momoberry plushes available again to purchase
  8. Did I mention how EXTREMELY excited we, Momoberry devotees, would be excited if Momoberry was brought back and especially, re-introduced in the next HK Con? New Momoberry designed plushes that would have Collectors jumping for joy.
  9. Please do a collaboration with another shoe designer company and sell it exclusively to this Convention
  10. Please have a Hello Kitty Chocolate Shoppe with so many variety of Hello Kitty shaped chocolates and candy
  11. Please have a HK Robot event in this Convention with their exclusive games
  12. Please have the HK Circus event with their own exclusive games

As much as I want it to be 2019 right now, I have to plan to save. Also, I need to not get over excited or I won't last til 2019. ;p

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