Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My Unrequited Love Poem to Momoberry

A somewhat satire of a love letter to one of my favorite characters, Hello Kitty...

When I think of you, I imagine you in pearls.
Pearls that are so brightly sparkling in your feline essence.
Say what you will, but please do not shy away from me.
I may stalk thee but I will never seek out to harm you.
I've always been passionate and there are times when I gaze 
upon your very sleek Parisian raincoat outfit that I find myself
starry eyed.
No, I am not that kind of crazed stalker that your owner, Sanrio,
whispers to you. I am just your devoted fan.
Sure, it could be misconstrued as stalking when I follow you 
around town.
Life as I know are fulfilled when I own your latest doll release 
and have spent countless hours in line to get your collectible
poster to hang in my shrine room.
Please do not back away as I kowtow here.
My love is forever yours.
Yes, I admit to thee.
I am your #1 Triple S stalker.

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