Sunday, December 23, 2018

Winter Snow Kitty Nails

It was another exciting time for me to get my nails professionally done again. For this year, I have decided to do a winter theme nails instead of a Christmas one. 

There aren't a lot of Hello Kitty nail art designs that I like because my preferences are rather picky. So, I was surprised to find one on Instagram that I liked so much. 

Here is the replicated HK winter nails that I call: Snow Kitty Nails

Rie from Marie Nails replicated the beautiful art work on my nails. It turned out really pretty and sparkling for the holidays. The colors of blue, white, and silver enhanced in a pretty shimmer every time that I moved my hand in the air.

Preview of the art work being done in the beginning as seen below...

This particular nail design has one silver shimmery partly painted on all my nails except for one nail. The one finger nail has a silver Chrome style. It's a very expensive style, but worth it. I've always thought a Chrome style has that shiny polish that is just perfect for the New Year. 

I'm thinking of adding a Chrome nail style as my annual tradition when getting year end theme nails, whether it's for Christmas, winter, or New Year.

Have I said it enough? I'm just in love with my new set of nail design. I keep repeating it, but I definitely adore how my nails sparkle. It's a dazzling beautiful shimmer of light blue and shine.

It kind of looks like a simple design, but it isn't because there are stones and a set of Snowflake stickers. The light blue stones are a very beautiful color, while the silver ones sparkle every time light hits it. Unfortunately, the silver Snowflake stickers can barely be seen. I think a white Snowflake sticker would have made a difference. 

Until next year, have a Merry Christmas!

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