Friday, November 30, 2018

The Chronicles of Momoberry: Entry 4

Disclaimer: Momoberry's Diaries is Junolyn's version of a Sanrio world that I built in my mind. My imagination takes me to places that I wish could exist in real life. I hope you enjoy my version of Sanrio World, where all you have to do is believe.

Entry 4: The Good Days

Before Sanrio turned my life upside down, the world was full of wonders.

It was a city bustling with energy as Sanrio had just taken over the world. Suddenly, where there was no magic in the world--- it was everywhere you went. Humans had to adapt to their world not being theirs alone anymore. They had to share it with us, characters.

They had to adjust their reality. They had been used to obsessing over us in cartoon films and on paper. Now, they had to get used to us being real. Living in their world-- er, Sanrio World.

Technology is amazing. Amazing, but dangerous. The humans did not expect that with advanced technologies came with consequences. They are the creators of life and it became their downfall as they let their greed rule every action they did. 

Like any brand that started, Sanrio had good intentions. They were good people. Like many others, greed for power and money corrupted them. Once they took over the world, all characters were given the same rights as the humans. It came with a price. The price of innocence and good.

You replace one evil, another one just steps into the role and fills it. Humans never learn from the mistakes made in the past. They continue to live life like they are the most important beings in the entire universe. Who made them special and self-entitled?

They are seen on the streets stalking their favorite Hollywood Starlets-- going about their lives as usual. Even with the new pecking order, humans believe that these characters come to life are their personal property. Like with their own race, they fight among themselves for any differences that they deem as their standard way of life.

Humans might love these characters, but they do not like to share the resources. This is the struggle for the characters come to life. It's very difficult to stay "good" in a world that won't let you. It's either be crushed or do the crushing. 

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