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Junolyn's Top 10 Hello Kitty Plushes

When you think of Hello Kitty plushes, does a few of your favorites come to mind? For me, I used to think that I was too picky to be called a plush collector. I had only bought one Hello Kitty puffalump (or Nylon) type of plush when I was a child and unfortunately, ended up leaving it in a McDonald's location on one morning. Like how every story goes...

I came back within 20 minutes and the beloved plush was gone. Since then, there weren't many plushes that captured my attention as years passed. Until now.

Here is a list of my favorite plushes, but in a variety of designs. I wanted to highlight the very best plushes to be designed over the years with style. Vintage 1976-1989s plushes are in a different category and are not part of this list. As well as Momoberry, which is excluded because it has earned it's own featured article.

Most likely down the road, I will do another plush article, but with a designer or series collection. I will announce it on my Twitter account when I narrow it down to one collection or so. There are just way too many Hello Kitty plushes out there. I will also do a Little Twin Stars/My Melody version, but not until I have 10 favorite special plushes or dolls to complete the list. 

Junolyn's TOP 10 Plushes for Hello Kitty

1.   Vivitix

When I first started collecting, I have never heard of the store called Vivitix located in Japan. Much like Momoberry, Vivitix was a brand invented by Sanrio to target teenagers, who are more into trendy, cute, and cool goods. 

Out of all Vivitix, this one plush has captured my heart and soul. It's designed in a silver theme dress and with a silver crown to match. It's like she stepped out of the pages from a storybook, where there are fantasy fairytales told in detail.

A remarkable beauty that transcends through time and age. A classic in my mind.

2.   Japan Wedding Bride

This second plush is one of my all time favorites. It is a weight doll, which means that if you have a baby, you can have the doll weigh the same amount as your newborn. Also, it comes with an engraved birthdate and the name of your child. Unless it's for you, then you can get it customized to your information. I had my name engraved on it's foot. It made the plush even more special in my mind. It was personalized just for me.

This plush is my first wedding bride that I have owned. With her beautiful pink and white wedding gown and the material of the plush--- it was all quality that I liked. 

3.   Steiff

There are only 1500 dolls made for this 2010 Steiff Collaboration plush. It is made of top quality mohair angora. This is the type of plush that would add quality to a collection of plushes. The design and material are the main factor in what I like about this plush. It's a classic red theme Hello Kitty with a bear.

4.   Japan Birthday Plush 2016

There are very few Birthday plushes from Japan that has caught my eye. The bow and design on the dress sealed the deal for me once I saw it. The pretty roses on the bottom with the pink bow in the middle of the dress are visually appealing to my aesthetics. I'm definitely what you call a girly girl.

5.   Sanrio Puroland Plush

I saw this by chance on Youtube in a glass display case by just itself. I knew I had to have one of my own when I saw her on a Hello Kitty fan Youtube Channel. I believe it comes in 3 sizes as a plush. The third size is a keychain, I believe. The formal gown and pastel pink gloves are what makes Hello Kitty so very charming. She can dazzle you in all type of outfits. As you can guess, I love fancy styles of Sanrio.

6.   Puroland's Birthday Plush 2018

This plush earns a special spot in my heart. I love the ruffles on the dress. I like the little stones and accessories on the plush. This is another girly girl type of plush that always gets my attention. The baby pink gloves just adds class to it. Again, I am a goner for another special made plush. Also, another pleaser, it has only 100 pieces made. I am one of the lucky owners. :p

7.   Hong Kong Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant

This souvenir was created for a Chinese teahouse style Hello Kitty restaurant. It debuted in 2015 to mix reviews. Unfortunately like many of Asia's gimmick character cafes, they were not able to entice back their first-time customers-- nor able to get new customers. It was reported that it closed it's doors. One good thing that came from this theme restaurant was the plush. Dressed in the beautiful classic red and gold Chinese style, it is a plush that stands out with it's own beauty. 

8.   HK Go Around 

This carnival themed plush was created for a special Hello Kitty event that took place in Singapore and Malaysia. What I liked about the plush is that it's dressed in a cute carnival theme. The white polka dot and red bow with it's jumper suit and tie bow makes it one-of-a-kind plush. 

9.   Japan HK Crochet Plush

All I have to say are Pink and Black. Those two colors are a match made in heaven. Seriously, baby pink crochet with a sparkly black bow. Enough said. It's all mine. ;)

10.   Pottery Barn Teen Bluetooth Speaker Plush

Cr: PBteen

It's something special, isn't it? Instead of the normal color scheme of red and white-- the colors are gold and black. The plush is to die for in such classy colors. It screams "POSH!!" in capital letters. It's like it was made especially for an adult Hello Kitty Collector. I love love mine to death.

This concludes my Favorite Plush List for 2019, but I know I'll end up with more favorite plushes in the future. I'll most likely update the list in the next 10 years if there is any change to this list. Until next time!

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