Friday, February 22, 2019

Small Gift, Celebrating 50 Years of Sanrio Review

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Sanrio Hollywood Boutique

A Keeper
This book is a must have for Collectors all around the world. It has to be one of my TOP favorite Sanrio books of all time because of the content inside the book. What better way to have a mini memorabilia of older Sanrio merchandise at the tip of your hands?

It might not exactly be the real products at hand, but the pictures are surely drool-worthy! The pictures of vintage merchandise have me coming back to reference any older products that I am searching for at the time. Plus, it is note worthy that the pages are printed in quality. The vibrant colors will pop out at you, ensuring that you'll appreciate the visual beauty of Sanrio.

One of the many reasons that this book is my favorite is because they have an introduction to the company and the owner. There are a few pages with pictures of past closed Sanrio boutiques that were up and running in the old days. Fond memories for some of the older generation, right?

There is a brief excerpt from a Hello Kitty fan, Maria Fleischman (HK Junkies). I wished that the book had more content on Sanrio Collectors, not just Hello Kitty Collectors. It would have made the book even more special if Collectors were featured. 

Included in the book is a Character timeline poster that would look great framed in my Shrine room, but it doesn't look like it's easily detachable. What a treasure book that I now own. Happy Sanrio Hunting! Meow.

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Below are pages from the book:

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