Thursday, August 29, 2019

2017 Best Sanrio Merchandise

Here is a look back on the merchandise that Sanrio has released in 2017. The list highlights the best merchandise for that particular year. 



These snowglobes became game changers because Sanrio only used to release very small sized snowglobes. These special collectibles were larger in size and more importantly, very detailed for it's kind.   



These plushes above stood out in a way that separates themselves from the rest of the pack. 



Sanrio would start releasing a wooden tableware collection and later expand for the following year. We were finally introduced to a cute bread shaped plate and a specific mug designed to hold hot coffee. 



These special items above are chosen for their unique design. In particular, the My Melody suitcase or small briefcase is a rare kawaii item from the usual merch released throughout the year. It's not something that you can find all year round. 


AT LAST! Finally, we get matching backseat floor mats for our kittified cars. These floor mats are beautifully designed to make your car cute and cool at the same time by using neutral colors, instead of bright colors. It really does give off a different feel to the surrounding space.



If you just want to light up your shrine, this is a way to do it. It doesn't hurt that it showcases one of my fave My Melody design series.



This throw is my first My Melody blanket to own. Maybe one day, I'll own more Sanrio bedding if ever Sanrio decides to go out of their budget plan for that particular year. It really does take years and extreme patience to get the good stuff for your collection.

Party Supplies


Hallelujah! My prayers have been answered. I've been wishing for Sanrio themed gift wrapping paper and here it is...

It did not disappoint in design aspect. I love them. Hopefully, one day -- we can get it consistently every year in the holiday seasons.



The year starts off with these monthly pins and ends with another cute pin. These pin campaigns will go down in Sanrio's history of merchandise timeline because it's the first of it's kind. We are very lucky to witness this era.

Desktop Items


Lastly, we can't forget what Sanrio is famously known for -- kawaii stationery and pens! All the requirement it needs is the kawaii factor. Full of treasures to be cherished forever. Those new generation "office" type of pens don't have the same appeal as these super cute fancy ones. Sanrio is known to have one of the best designed pens, mechanical pencils, pencils with eraser toppers, and crayon pens in the late 80's and 90's. 

As time goes by, one thing that will never change is our everlasting love for Sanrio. This concludes the list for 2017 and hope to find many new favorites in the upcoming years. Happy Sanrio Hunting!

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