Wednesday, August 14, 2019

2018 Best Sanrio Merchandise

Here is a look back on the merchandise that Sanrio has released last year in 2018. The list highlights the best merchandise for that particular year. 



This diorama collectible is one that stands out for being more detailed and being a rare-of-a-kind on higher quality craftsmanship. We need more of this kind of collectible than the usual cheap small snowglobes. 


 Sanrio Puroland birthday plush

JAPAN birthday plush

The best type of doll or plush are the ones that are made with quality. As seen above, there are no comparison to the rest of the other plushes released in 2018. 


HK Grand Cafe mug and headband

These collectibles are a fan favorite among Collectors. The bow and mug are only exclusive to the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe.



I'm in love with their new wooden tableware collection that they first released in 2017. It was a very small collection set, but in 2018 - Sanrio has expanded to include larger wooden plates and more. 


Who can't resist Hello Kitty luggages? I can't, especially if it comes in baby pink color. 

Kawaii Decos


These are night light lamps that can brighten any collection. They are very cute and more importantly, the design of it is not a normal standard Sanrio product. It's one of a kind type of collectible that is not in the usual range of expected merchandise from Sanrio. 



The only coin bank shaped in character form was released in 2018. I've added yet another ceramic coin bank to my collection. 



This plastic candy auto dispenser is a great addition to kittify my future home. Again, something out of the norm product that Sanrio has released for us, Collectors! Keep it coming. 


This book has a secret. It opens up as a tissue holder, but you can use it as a substitute to store hidden things inside!

Desktop Items



Japan Post Seal Stamps

These items above are what makes Sanrio special. These are not ordinary PLAIN office pens or erasers. These are kawaii decorative pens and erasers that stands out to scream, "too cute for words!"

We, Collectors, die for this type of cute pens and erasers. What I LOVE about these erasers are the fact that it has tiny Hello Kitty prints on the whole body of the eraser. It is rare that I love the design of both these pens and erasers since the 90s.

Last on this list are Hello Kitty stamps released in Japan. I've just begun collecting Hello Kitty stamps in 2017, so these are my second set of Japan Post stamps. I'm waiting for Japan to release more stamps on other Sanrio characters.

Like stickers, one day my collection of Sanrio stamps will grow larger and larger.

For now, this concludes my list for the year 2018 on the best merchandise. Hope your Sanrio collection has grown since then. Happy Sanrio Hunting!

Revised 8/28/19

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