Monday, April 5, 2010

The Down Side of An Obsession

How Do I Let Go of my doubles?

Is there a guide for sanrio collectors who have gone completely over the top in collecting double copies and can't seem to let go? Because right now would be a great time to help this anxiety sanrio addict control her need to keep double copies....

Anyone have any advice? LOL. 

So, I've come up with a few things to try out: 

  1. Get Therapy   - My obsession must come from a serious problem. If I can cure my need for doubles, then maybe I can learn to downsize my sanrio collection. (Though the hard part is where am I going to find the $$ to pay for this if all already goes to my sanrio addiction?)
  2. Get Another complete opposite Addiction (Less Expensive)- How about try getting a smoking habit? Yeah, bad for my health, but really great for my wallet. Random: How about knitting? (Why don't I just kill myself now?) What other addiction would you suggest?
  3. Join a non-Sanrio Support Group - I need to surround myself with people, who have been obsessed with other things that are not sanrio related because that way  a.) they'll never tempt you to go back to your addiction if they ever jump off the wagon    b.) It's better to cut off everything sanrio related even if it means stopping all online visits to Hello Kitty Junkies and other sanrio websites  *cries like a baby at the evil thoughts that came into my head...  don't listen to this addict*   :0(
  4. Hire a Financial Manager (or whatever you call 'em) - Maybe all I need is someone to stop being an enabler like my brother  and LITERALLY, take away my money
  5. Transfer My love from Cat to Dog - Now, how can I persuade my brother to get a dog to keep in this apartment. BTW- he finally is getting the balinese kitten in April. He changed his mind from siamese to balinese. *wailing over here*
  6. Keeping Myself Occupied- To keep my mind off Hello Kitty and sanrio, I'd probably learn another language... anything other than Japanese, of course. German anyone? How about Arabic? No? How about challenging my badly out of tune voice with singing lessons?

Remember, I'm not trying to be funny (above). You're reading what it's like in the head of a Sanrio Addict. On second thought, above list seems more like a way to terminate an obsession, so I don't think I am ready for that just yet.  :0P  

After creating this list my mood went from happy to depressed. *Decides to go look at my big sweet purchase instead... hehe*

and By the way...........

If you haven't noticed by now, this site has a new URL:

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  1. Actually, I do think about collecting doubles sometimes too! But the biggest drawback for me would have to be that since I only have a limited amount of money to spend, the money spent on getting the 2nd exact copy could have gone towards another purchase. So essentially, if I spend all my money on getting copies, I would miss out on alot of other new exciting itemss. In order to maximise my available cash, I cannot get doubles at all. Hope that helps!